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Ok so today I spent the day stitching the year book together. All day in front of a computer screen is not my idea of fun.  Especially when there are still 14 (out of 54) pages missing!! GRRR slow kids!! (by slow, I really do mean speed!! haha)

So anyway, just before lunch I heard a knock on my classroom door and one of the 5 year olds in the class over the other side of the school had come to tell me some extra exciting news!  He was on a silver card!! Ok so a bit of background - we have one of those flip card systems where by you start every day on a green card, and then change your card every time you break a rule etc.  Each colour has a consequence ... Green cards down are consistent across the school, but different teachers use the silver and gold cards in different ways.
The last time this young man had come to see me he was on a time out in a different class - a pretty serious consequence.  He was supposed to stay with me for about 15ish minutes (being that he is only 5), but I kept him for the whole afternoon to give his teacher a break.  While he was with me that first time I showed him my frixion colour pens.  You know, those oh so totally awesome ones that rub out!  You can get them from Amazon - check them out here.
So back to the story - I showed him these pens and made a deal with him.  Next time his teacher thought he was awesome, he could come and play with the pens.

Today was that day.

Oh man he was funny!!  First he drew me a house.  Then he rubbed it out.  Then he drew it again, put Christmas decorations on it, and drew a child.  Here is the conversation we had.

Him - I draw a house for you!
Me - It's a cool looking house too!  Thanks!  What's that on the top?
Him - Don't you know?  A star durh!
Me - Oh right! Of course it is.  Are those decorations?
Him - Yes, it's Christmas!
Me - Who is that?
Him - It's your son.
Me - I don't have a son though.
Him - Oh that's sad!  I gave you one though.
Me - Is this in the future is it? haha
Him - no, it's just your son.
Me - Um ok?  What's his name?
Him - Boy
Me - My boy's name is Boy.  Ok it's a deal!

haha kids are weird! I've just had my future told by a 5 year old (never mind that "my kid" was at home alone on Christmas!!)  PS - I like that my "son" and the sun are both green! This kid obviously knows my favourite colour.

Thanks kid!  You're a piece of awesome :)



  1. This post made my heart smile. Little kids are the best...you never quite know what might pop out of their mouths! I know I would be on my very best behavior for a trip to play with Frixion pens!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

    1. Haha, I know right! I'm glad I don't teach the babies, but it's so nice to have them come and say hi. I love it!
      They really are the coolest pens ever right?!


  2. I never cared for the color card system but I like the idea of including gold and silver.

    1. I'm not the biggest fan either - but it's school policy so I have no choice. The way we use the gold/silver cards in our class has worked well.
      We also added in a couple other positive cards too
      1 - Paua (also known as abalone, in New Zealand they are beautiful and multicoloured) You earn this if you have a green card for a whole week.
      2 - Silver - green card for a whole calendar month
      3 - Gold - Green card for a whole term (about 10 weeks)
      4 - Galaxy - Green card for half a year.
      I'm more about positive than negative - works better in my opinion.



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