What's on this week?

WOW this week is jam packed!

Here in New Zealand, it's now Monday night.  YES!! I love that I am officially done with that day!
We jammed an awful lot of learning into the day though, and enjoyed an awesome performance by our school's Kapa Haka group.  For those of you from outside of New Zealand (which is most of you I know) Kapa haka is a performance group from the Maori culture.  They have dances, singing, haka, and other things as part of a performance.  Our group is made up of about 60 kids aged between 5-13 who all sang beautifully this afternoon!!

Here is a video of our boys - The All Blacks - doing the haka before the Rugby World Cup final in 2011.

Any way that's enough about that!

Tomorrow I'm taking 45 kids to an athletics tournament all day!  Must remember sunblock!  I forgot to go and get some sunglasses after school today, so I will have to stop by the petrol station on my way to school in the morning, and HOPE that there is something at least a little bit cute!

Wednesday - we have a classroom art tour!  Oh I'm so not ready for it!  Our art project is taking FOREVER!!! But we should be done hopefully!

Thursday - I think I may get a little bit of teaching done this day!

Friday - Well a Friday is a Friday, so who is counting!!

Friday night - our union (NZEI) is having a graduation ceremony/event for all the beginning teachers who are graduating and becoming fully registered teachers!  We have two teachers at our school this year, so it will be an awesome night!  Can't wait!!

I'm going to go link this up with Mrs. Laffin's Laughings, and then write a couple more reports before bed!

Peace out yo.


The E-Z Class

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