A peek at the last full week of school this year!

This year has gone by so quickly, AND so slowly all at the same time.  I'm sitting here in the staff room on a Monday afternoon having been in an all day meeting about next year.  Call me a geek, but I'd been looking forward to that meeting ALL term.

So I'm linking up today with Mrs Laffin's Laughings for her weekly peek linky.  My week is CRAZY busy, and I'm not sure that everything is going to get done - and yet it has to.  Let's get on with it people!!!!!

Right, today is Monday
Today I had an all day (830-3pm) meeting with my next years team.  We looked at our school vision/strategic plan, and then did our year/term 1 overviews.  Love it.  This afternoon we then looked at our new class lists, and the data they are bringing with them.  As it stands now, I have a lovely class of 27 kids, most of whom are in year 6 (which is Grade 5 for you 'Mericans).

Is going to be awesome.  We have school prizegiving tomorrow - Can't wait!!  I love school prize giving, and celebrating the learning that the kids have done this year.
THEN we have our Christmas night - "Christmas on the lawn", where we sing carols, and then we're having a community sports afternoon. I think I'm signed up for the staff volleyball team! eek - wish me luck!!

We're going to have a team prizegiving.  Some of our parents wanted to share in the learning a bit more, and we felt that the whole school prize giving doesn't give everyone else a chance to be recognised.  Not that we are giving every one an award, but it gives the opportunity to share the love around a bit more.

MOVING DAY!!  I'm moving across the school to a different class.  As are most of the teachers in our school.  We are losing two prefabs (class rooms that are moveable, and not attached to the ground permanently) which means that the teams are being shuffled around slightly.  I'm happy, I am moving to a nicer class!!

Happy Day.  At the end of each term we have a tabloids day where the kids in their houses go round and complete fun activities.  This term (because it's summer) we have water activities.  FUN FUN FUN!! Unless you are a nonny and have to do boring work while every one else is having fun.  Ah well, should have followed the rules throughout the term!

Then we have only until Tuesday lunchtime next week (17th) before SCHOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER!!!!!

The E-Z Class

PS - I'm totally keen for penpals if anyone is interested in learning about New Zealand with their kids next year.  I will have 27 (possibly more, possibly less) year 5/6 (grade 4/5) kids.  They are low ability writers, so definitely looking to give as much authenticity to their writing as possible.  Maybe your class could write to us first, as we won't be starting back until the 3rd of February.  What a cool way to start the year though!!

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