Pin it to win it - and some before pictures!

I've been pretending to do school work this week...  I've been in to school twice, and done about an hour of work altogether!  Hmmm might need to change that tomorrow!

I've moved into a new classroom this year, again, and that means I've got a whole lot of sorting and decorating to do as NOTHING could stay the same in this new room.

In an attempt to make my class a fraction of how pretty all the classes I see on all of your blogs, I've made some bunting!  I'm having a pin it to win it competition.  There are 5 colours, and all you need to do to enter is pin the colour you like the best, then add your pin link in a comment below!  This weekend is a long weekend in Auckland, so I will pick a winner (or two if I'm feeling generous) to give away!  Go check them out from my TPT store.   I've made it easy for you and added links to the pictures!  Just click and it will take you straight there.

Right, now for some before pics!

Wonderful high ceilings with massive windows above them

About a 1/4 of one of my walls - I'm very lucky to have lots and lots of wall space

The view to my teaching area and a whiteboard

Not sure what to do with this area...

The rest of my back wall, and the mimio to the right
Mimio Board

Super excited about these huge bifold doors!

Library corner, I've started covering this wall and now I just have to put stuff on it

Right - go get pinning!!


  1. What a fantastic addition to this would make to my room!





    Cute bunting!

  5. Our school colors are black and orange so I pinned the orange:

    We've been in our new school for 2 and a half years. It was SO MUCH work unpacking all the boxes and figuring out where to put everything, and we only had about 2 weeks because we couldn't get in any sooner. The best part was that I didn't have to clean everything since it was new, and cleaning takes a long time. Any way, it is totally overwhelming so good luck!

  6. That is an awesome room! I would commit crimes for those double doors:). Hey, I have an me:).

  7. What a great classroom space you have! Have you thought about doing a word wall on that lower white would look great on that space!!
    Elyse :)
    Proud to be Primary


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