This is my grumpy face...

Nope - not happening.  Not showing you lot an ugly grumpy photo.  Just imagine it.  You're all teachers, imagination is your middle name!!

Why am I grumpy you ask?! Well because I'm an idiot.  I'd like to use a less derogatory adjective about myself, but I can't think of one!  (Please take this post in the lighthearted nature it was intended... I'm not hatin' on myself right now!!)

Ok - back to why I'm such a dork... Well you lot, yes all you lucky American's, living in the country of my dreams, teaching fun little American kids all the fun American things - you lot started school in August right? (ok so some of you started in September, same difference!)  And as a good teacher, I pinned on pinterest, liked on Facebook/bloglovin, and saved away some AMAZINGLY AWESOME!!!! ideas to use when this week happened.  Yup this is the week before school starts.  And can I find any of those AMAZINGLY AWESOME ideas that I pinned, liked, and saved? Uh nuh!   ARGH!!!

So now I'm trying to remember if what I am thinking of is real, or if I made it up!
1 - Is there a Doctor Seuss book about world travel? (NOT Oh the places you'll go)
2 - Awesome homework tips for year 6 (5th graders)
3 - morning work ideas/products for the same.

Any help is awesome...


By the way, my class looks awesome!! Will do a post this weekend.  I want to do a quick video - but feel weird talking to myself when people are always popping in and out of my room.... You'll just have to wait to see the masterpiece! I'm super proud of it...

AND my pin it to win it winner is.... number 5 (Susan K!!) I will be emailing you straight after this post :) (I'd show you the picture of the random number generator, but I can't figure out why it's not showing... Blogger doesn't like me either apparently!

Thanks for playing along people.


  1. I hate when that happens! I did kind of the same thing, but I was using a little notebook to write down ideas for the new school year-completely misplaced it. I just found it a few days ago, so I guess I can use them next school year! :)

  2. You know... I've been pinning things on Pinterest for years now but really don't break down my boards enough to be helpful when I'm looking for something specific like this. I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but this is a post about my Second Chance late-homework system:


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