I've finally finished getting my classroom to where I want it for the kids tomorrow!  Don't be alarmed by the empty walls - That's just the way I roll.  Every year I put up things and then never use them, or I don't explain them well enough when the kids go to use them, so this year I am only putting things up as we use them!

Behaviour Managment - School wide
Bean Bags and Couch
My Writing Wall
A view from the back of the class.  You can see the library corner

From the same back corner, just turned around a bit.  That is my wonderful huge bifold door and my teaching station

This is where I was standing just before.  We are getting new computers in a couple weeks
Mimio Board (an interactive whiteboard on a regular white board!! AWESOME)
My group boxes
Stationary caddies, all colour coded!

At the moment I have no furniture (which makes me HAPPY!!), but I do have this cool as camp fire style mat area!

I haven't done my class library corner yet... It will happen after the kids get back unfortunately

All my borders are made from satin ribbon.  Looks amazing, and is WAY easier to put up than borders!
I'm most excited about our "Your place in the world" wall.  All our exciting global learning this year will be put up here.  Can't wait!!!
Super cute pencil/pen holder.  Turns out I can't count though, and need to get two more pencils!
And here is a forever freebie for you!  I will be using this All about me bunting on the first day back.  Grab it for yourself - just click on the picture and it will take you to where you can download it.

Right-o I'm off to enjoy the last remaining hours of Summer Break.  I think an icecream on the beach is what is called for!!!


  1. Your room looks great! I love the ribbon as border. Such a great one idea - I'm stealing it!! Hope you have an amazing first day of school!!!!!

  2. Looks great Erin - love your lanterns!

  3. Erin, your classroom looks awesome. My students and I are working on our letter to your class, and we are super excited to learn all about New Zealand. Hopefully we won't get the giant snowstorm that they are calling for, and then we can get our letter in the mail to you this week. - Amy Decker

  4. Everything looks awesome! Great choice on the colors too. I especially love the group boxes, the shelve and box colors are perfect.
    Rooting for Third Grade


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