Total awesomeness - a hangman game

Ok so let me preface this with  - this game was a total fluke that came about because my kids don't know the difference between a dictionary and a thesaurus.

TOTALLY COOL!! They do now!

Right, so we had 10 minutes to kill at the end of first block today.  I got my lunch monitor to hand out the fruit of the day (plums!! YAY!!) and then thought to myself "instead of sitting here doing nothing for the next ten minutes while the kids are eating, let's play hangman!" (Which by the way is totally my go-to literacy time filler.
I'm useless at choosing good words, so I asked a kid to get a dictionary for me.  And she brings me a thesaurus.  Hmmm...Totally works still, but not quite what I wanted.  That's ok I thought, and then I taught the kids about synonyms! Actually this was the first time our "Teach/Okay" worked like a charm!! I'm still getting the hang of some of the more intricate Whole Brain Teaching things.

So it works like this.
I wrote a word on the board - eg BIG
And then we played hangman with a synonym of that word!  So it could be enormous etc.

The kids loved it SOOOOO much more than regular hangman!
Don't ask me why? Kids are weird...

Go on - Try it tomorrow.  Totally easy way of teaching synonyms/antonyms.  You could even do parts of speech!  Eg Noun in the classroom - and then play with desk or cupboard.  The possibilities are endless, and it takes a time filler that really didn't teach the kids anything, and turns it into a learning opportunity the kids are totally unaware of!

Note - my two hardest to motivate kids were COMPLETELY enthralled with this game.  Total winner with the boys.

What have you "Tried" this Tuesday? (Or in my case, Wednesday)

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  1. You know, I could really use something like this for our snack time! I usually have students who owe work do that but the rest of the class could totally be playing a fun, yet educational, game like this! What a cool spin for the synonyms too. Thanks so much for linking up, Erin and sorry it has taken me forever to comment! I'm blaming Disney! :)
    This is great! Thank you so much for sharing the file and for linking up! Sorry I am so late commenting. :( I'm blaming Disney!
    Fourth Grade Flipper


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