So today I got up really early.  Well actually not that early, just early for me.
Why? - I was invited to attend a breakfast to talk with other educators about the use of technology in the classroom.  The conversation ebbed and flowed through google apps, the difference between various cloud based systems, the fact that google has admitted to data mining our students if we use google apps in the classroom, and ended with twitter.
I know many of you already use twitter it the classroom, and several of my favourite insta buddies have already taken the plunge.  SOOOOO I'm giving it a go too!
My Tuesday tried it is more of a I'm going to try it so come and join me!!

Any advice, people to follow, hashtags to find, or anything else, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! let me know!!

In the meantime I'll see you in the twittersphere on @lrning2bawesome

And check out what everyone else is trying over at Fourth Grade Flipper while you're at it.

So it's my turn to be totally jealous of all you lot out there with your Spring break photos starting to come through.  Here in New Zealand, the weather is still lovely, with sunny days, and warm nights.  But with daylight savings just around the corner, those days are fast leaving my shores and heading over the Pacific Ocean to the Northern Hemisphere.
I'm hanging out for Easter - where I will have two weeks off.  Much needed break might I add!! Especially after the week I'm about to have.  I'm not sure I even want to get up tomorrow.

On the plus side, I start netball tomorrow!  Super excited about that.  Hmmmm most of y'all wont know what netball even is.  Weellll... Think basketball, with no dribbling, 6 players, and 2 halves (oh this is indoor netball I'm talking about... regular netball is different again!) Here is a video.  I play attack - I try and shoot the goals.  You get one point for shooting inside the circle, two points for outside.

Tuesday and Wednesday we have home school conferences... Oh joy...
Gotta get my kids goals typed up and onto their reports by then - shouldn't take too long, they are written already.
I also have a choir coordinators meeting Tuesday avo (when I'm supposed to be in conferences, but the principal of the coordinating school refused to see me earlier! Grrrr), and a technology in the classroom breakfast meeting on Wednesday.
Oh my gosh I'm tired just thinking about it!

On Friday I'm going away for the weekend, and I can't wait!  Off to see some awesome friends get married!

Like I said - bring on Easter! (only 4 weeks to go)

Do you ever get that feeling like you're just sinking? That no matter how much water you tread you just can't seem to reach the surface?
I've been feeling a bit that way lately.  I'm feeling so far behind the 8 ball, and every time I take one step forward, three more things are piled on to my plate.  
I hit the wall today, and probably didn't do myself any favours with my colleagues.  
Story time - we have a school assembly each week, and myself and one other teacher are kind of in charge of this as part of some of our responsibilities. I'm all good with that, and I'm also all good with being up the front being a rah rah girl.  I'm a pretend extrovert you see!  What I'm not ok with is standing in front of 450 5-13 year olds who aren't paying attention, and having the 20 odd adults who are around them just sitting passively not trying to control the situation.
Any advice please! How do you deal with team mates who don't support the common goals in your school?

Any suggestions at all...

Well this week has been hard.  First off, we had school camp - not such a hard thing for me, considering I've been on about 80 camps over the past 15 ish years.  (Not including the ones I was just a camper at).  But it was made hard by the raging fever, and horrible cold I had to endure!  Not so fun when the camp you are at (and had been looking forward to for a year) is at the beach.

Any way, I digress.  I also moved house this weekend, and that wasn't so easy when your lungs aren't working at 100%, let me tell you!

BUT this post isn't all about the woes that have held me back this week, NO it's a celebration!!
Just as I was falling asleep again on Saturday morning (after sleeping pretty much solidly through Friday), I got an email that someone had commented on a post.  The wonderful Kayla over at Rooting for Third Grade has nominated me for a Sunshine Blogger Award.  Oh how wonderful that was to receive when waking from a flu induced coma!!

But just before I get to that, I promised that the person who guessed my ???? from currently would win a $10 TPT voucher.  No jokes, it's not a paid award, the winner is Kayla!! My answer was 20th June ish... and she guessed a visit from a friend/family member.  That's totally close enough in my books.  My baby sister has been living in Oregon for the past 4 years.  She has been rowing for the Beavers at OSU.  Around about the 20th June this year she graduates, and then will be heading home to New Zealand.  To say that I'm excited is to say that Mount Everest is just a mountain.

Anyway, back to the Sunshine Blogger award.  I'm going to cut and paste from Kayla's blog and go from there.
The rules of the Sunshine Blogger Award are:{1} Post 11 random facts about yourself.
{2}  Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you.
{3} Nominate 11 bloggers you think bring sunshine to the world.
{4} Make up 11 questions for your nominations to answer.

My 11 facts

  1. I went to boarding school
  2. I can play 7 different musical instruments
  3. I have travelled to 4 different countries
  4. In the past 3 years, I have lived in 6 different houses
  5. I still have my teddy from when I was a kid
  6. That same teddy used to be my dad's when he was a kid
  7. I can't raise my eyebrows (and no I've not had botox)
  8. I'm super competitive, but normally don't have the skills to back it up
  9. I get really excited when I get a notification about someone following me, or commenting on a post (I'm a real geek that way)
  10. I hate travelling with other people, because then I can't sing along to the radio at the top of my lungs
  11. I cry at the drop of a hat, especially at sad photos or movies
My 11 Questions
  1. Decaf or caffinated - I only have coffee every now and again, and if I'm having it, there's a reason!! Caffinated all the way (but like once in a blue moon)
  2. Do you have a teacher instagram account - My instagram isn't solely teachery.  But that's more because I'm too lazy to switch between accounts everytime I want to post a new photo.  My family just ignores the posts that are teacher related.  And to be honest, I actually prefer it when teacher accounts show other things.  It shows that you are a real person! (But I also understand why some people prefer to keep them separate).  My account is @erinelizabethtaylor
  3. What makes the level you teach special - 10 year olds are just plain awesome.
  4. Where am I, and what is the weather like - New Zealand, and it's the second week of autumn, so last week was freezing, but this week is looking like it will be hot.
  5. If I won a magical field trip with my kids where would we go - well I'd probably take them to visit our penpal classes in America.
  6. Three words that describe your teaching style - Crazy, eclectic, and yet strangely structured
  7. Subject I most enjoy teaching - Art
  8. If I weren't in education what would I be doing - Piano teacher 
  9. What do you enjoy doing in your free time - depends on how tired I am!  Watch tv, play the piano, go running, or play board games.
  10. My favourite teacher - a toss up between Mr Caine (my highschool history and classics teacher), or Miss Halloran, my year 8 teacher.
  11. What's your go to snack - cheese toasties
These are my nominees.  I chose these bloggers because I LOVE reading what they have to say.  Even if there is a time where I have 100 blog posts piling up in my reading list, which has happened quite a bit over the last few weeks, these are some of my go-to bloggers that I try never to miss.  You really should check them out!  They have some really awesome ideas to use. 

  1. I teach, what's your superpower
  2. Rosie's Rambles
  3. Ideas by Jivey
  4. Hodges Herald
  5. Fifth in the middle
  6. I'm loving lit
  7. Learning with Mrs Langley
  8. Joy in the journey
  9. Lessons with coffee
  10. Sixth Grade Tales
  11. Miss Nelson's got the Camera
And because I'm still sick, and have to get to school super early tomorrow to make sure I have everything sorted, after a week of camp and Friday off sick - I'm just going to be a bit cheeky and pinch Kayla's questions.

  1. Decaf or caffinated?
  2. Do you have a teacher instagram account?
  3. What makes the level you teach special?
  4. Where are you located, and what is the weather like at the moment?
  5. If you won a magical field trip with your kids where would you go?- well I'd probably take them to visit our penpal classes in America.
  6. Three words that describe your teaching style?
  7. Subject I most enjoy teaching?
  8. If you weren't in education what would you be doing?
  9. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
  10. Who was your favourite teacher?
  11. What's your go to snack?

I will show you some snaps from camp later in the week, once things calm down a bit.

OK so I know I only just posted my 5 for Friday about 20 minutes ago - but I love love LOVE joining up with Farley's Currently.  And if I waited until tomorrow, then I would probably forget.  AND (gosh I hate starting sentences with and, but in this case I will leave it!) it's a linky so scheduling my post isn't quite as fun...

Here is my MARCH currently.

Listening - Have you heard of them? I'm in love.  They are originally from New Zealand, but have been living in Nashville TN for a while now making amazing music with a not for profit producer and they are amazing... Go check them out.  We sing some of their music at church, my favourite is "It is well"
Loving - I LOVE summer.  It's my all time favourite time of the year, until we have to go back to school. Then the heat is torturous!  I'm not near the river and can't go swimming to cool down. It gets muggy as anything, and just terrible.  So now the weather is still lovely and sunny (I even got badly sunburnt last week), but it is starting to cool down a tiny bit. Love it.

Thinking - Not only am I going on school camp this week, but I'm crazy and am moving house next weekend!! I'm not going to be here during the week to pack so I really have to do it this weekend!!

Wanting - I know I'm getting stressed and sick when I get homesick... That time is now.

Needing - My AMAZING parents celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary on the 10th of this month! Another reason why I want to go home, but every weekend between now and Easter seems packed.... Anyway, I really need to sort something out for them!! Any ideas?

??????? - Give it your best guess!! $10 TPT voucher to the first person who guesses correctly!

Then check out the rest of the blogs on Farley's currently link up!

But only just...

Today is Saturday, well for the next few hours it is at least.  This week has been crazy, and I've really enjoyed the fact that I could stay in bed today!

As for the week - this is what we did.

One (and two) - We received two awesome things in the post this week.  On Monday, we got an envelope full of letters from North Carolina!  Our first lot of pen pal letters from a 4th grade class.  It was super exciting to have a real context for reading and writing!! We can't wait to get back to class after camp and write our replies!!
THEN we were about 3/4's the way through our maths for the day on Wednesday, and we were buzzed over the intercom to send a kid to the office to pick something up.  At the start of the year we get buzzed like this heaps, mostly for stationary packs.  BUT THIS WASN'T STATIONARY!!! NO, it was a massive package from Iowa, and it had MORE penpal letters in it from another 5th grade class.  Not only that, but there were two really awesome books in it that taught us a bit more about Iowa.  We will have to do some thinking and hunting to see what we can send back there in order to help that class learn about New Zealand.

Three - we started goal setting this week.  All the students in our class now know their current achievement in numeracy, where they are expected to be by the end of the year, and the very next thing they need to learn in order to get there.
We will set reading and writing goals after camp.
(These photos also show our cool new furniture!! We may need to get a couple more little tables, but as it stands we like working on the floor so we're good for now.)

Four - next week we are away at camp!! YAY exciting.  The weather is looking good, so keep your fingers crossed for us!! We will be learning a whole lot of water based skills, as well as working on our team building and leadership skills.
Before we go away, we had a go at some team building games!

 Some of them we really weren't very good at!!

Can you guess what we are trying to spell here? HINT - every one of these pictures is trying to spell the same word!! (As teachers, we thought that some of these kids needed to go back to preschool!! These letters don't look so bad, some of the earlier ones were terrible!! haha)

Five - I've loved the inspirational quote Jessica over at Joy in the Journey has shared through her new Fuel your Faith linky.  SO I decided to join up too this week.
I'm really bad at trying to rush things along, especially when I think I've been given a promise from God.  I need to remember that the process of getting somewhere is just as important, and that no day is wasted on this journey!!
I have this app on my phone called WORD.  This was the message for Friday.

And with that, I leave you to head back to bed.  I think I'm coming down with a sinus cold, which will not make for a fun camp!  Fluids and rest are on the cards for the rest of this weekend!!
I'm linking this post up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five For Friday, and Joy in the Journey for Fuel your Faith Friday

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