Bring on Easter!!!

So it's my turn to be totally jealous of all you lot out there with your Spring break photos starting to come through.  Here in New Zealand, the weather is still lovely, with sunny days, and warm nights.  But with daylight savings just around the corner, those days are fast leaving my shores and heading over the Pacific Ocean to the Northern Hemisphere.
I'm hanging out for Easter - where I will have two weeks off.  Much needed break might I add!! Especially after the week I'm about to have.  I'm not sure I even want to get up tomorrow.

On the plus side, I start netball tomorrow!  Super excited about that.  Hmmmm most of y'all wont know what netball even is.  Weellll... Think basketball, with no dribbling, 6 players, and 2 halves (oh this is indoor netball I'm talking about... regular netball is different again!) Here is a video.  I play attack - I try and shoot the goals.  You get one point for shooting inside the circle, two points for outside.

Tuesday and Wednesday we have home school conferences... Oh joy...
Gotta get my kids goals typed up and onto their reports by then - shouldn't take too long, they are written already.
I also have a choir coordinators meeting Tuesday avo (when I'm supposed to be in conferences, but the principal of the coordinating school refused to see me earlier! Grrrr), and a technology in the classroom breakfast meeting on Wednesday.
Oh my gosh I'm tired just thinking about it!

On Friday I'm going away for the weekend, and I can't wait!  Off to see some awesome friends get married!

Like I said - bring on Easter! (only 4 weeks to go)

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