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So last week I was intrigued by this pretty cool linky over at Sugar and Spice
Here are the instructions, in case you wanted to join in too! It's quite fun (and I love that I don't have to type much!  If you'd checked out my blog recently you would probably be wondering if I even exist half the time!!)

So without any more talk, after all this is a Wordless Wednesday post, here is my picture.
Ok so it's a lame picture, but my phone just died, and it's 11pm.

My question is this - Is Easter a holiday where you are?  Here in New Zealand, our school holidays start tomorrow afternoon and go for two weeks.  For everyone else in New Zealand, Friday is a public holiday, as is Monday.  What do you get off over Easter?


  1. Friday is Goof Friday for us, so we have that day off. Easter is on Sunday. We were supposed to have Monday off, but due to all of the snow they made that a make up day. Boo! It's my birthday!
    Teaching Ever After

  2. Saturday & Sunday off. :( Nothing extra. Our Spring Break was Mid March. Wendy 1stgradefireworks

  3. We have spring break the week before Easter this year. Typically we get half day Thursday and no school Friday and Monday. We were supposed to have Monday off this year but we had to give it back because of the snow.
    Frampton's FUNdamentals

  4. We get Friday (Good Friday) and Easter Monday off. Enjoy your break. :)
    Grade 4 Buzz

  5. Normally we have Spring break from Good Friday through the following week. However, this year Easter was late so our spring break was earlier, the first week in April. We will have Good Friday off but then back to school as usual on Easter Monday.

    Enjoy your holiday!

  6. Despite the fact that its Good Friday we have Professional Development on Friday after 2 days of parent/teacher conferences.

  7. We only get Good Friday. But I'll happily accept! :)

  8. We do celebrate Easter. We are off all this week but go back on Monday. Its annoying because many travel so we have hardly any kids Monday. I can't visit my parents because I can't take a day after a holiday...bs.

  9. I'm in Australia and Easter weekend is the last weekend of our two weeks of school holidays between term 1 and term 2. We also get Monday off. And because ANZAC Day is on Friday it makes our first week back a 3 day week!

    Luck's Little Learners

  10. Thanks for linking up! Easter is a holiday and we get Friday off for Good Friday at my school. :) Thanks for linking up!

    Miss DeCarbo at Sugar and Spice


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