Camera dump - come have a laugh!

Hey there!
Remember me?  Yeah I'm that crazy lady who teaches a bunch of awesome kids in New Zealand.
Yeah, I've kinda been out of action the last couple of weeks, busy as anything.  I've stopped by here every now and again, but there really hasn't been anything substantial posted here for a while!
So consider this a camera dump while I get ready for the new term - and some actual ideas/helpful hints posts!!

As part of this, I'm going to start a new weekly linky party!! It's called "The weekend windback".  Basically, you purge your camera (or phone) as I'm about to do now and share your weekly highlights in photo form!! Write words if ya want, but I want to just see what is going on in your world!!

I'm going to work on the fun graphics for it tomorrow.

Check it out...
Please excuse the possum eyes! I went to a wedding of a very dear friend.  Doesn't she look lovely!
This made me laugh for about 5 minutes.  And then again when I saw it just now!

The AMAZING Marcy, over at Searching for teacher balance sent me these treats as part of the SLANT box exchange
Go and check out her blog, I was totally spoilt, and LOVE everything that Marcy gave me.  She really is all kinds of AWESOME.  Also check out Lessons with Coffee and sign up for the next SLANT box when it comes up!

I played the "How far can I go before I get lost/run out of petrol in the middle of a bad neighbourhood" game.  I won.

I had a crazy bad day, and one of the amazing office ladies got me some sunflowers to brighten my day
And now for something school related!!
We learnt how to make scrambled eggs.  YUMMMMM


Ok that's enough egg photos!!

Right, now I feel like I can enjoy the holidays and get ready for the new term! One down, three to go...

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