Back to school prep - Wordless (ish) Wednesday

Is it still Wednesday?  If I work quickly it will be!!

In New Zealand it's currently the school holidays.  I've started getting ready for the new term, making resources, planning etc.  
My question for you is...

How do you prepare for the new term? (Or week, if you are in a place that doesn't have terms.)

Instagram wouldn't let me link in here - The caption said something like... "coffee, computer, sweet treats, resources, drPhil on tv... Let's get ready for a new term!"
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  1. I'm in the United States and we don't get out of school for our summer break until the end of May, but at the end of the year I always have next year on the brain! I always have my to-do list going for what I need to tackle over the summer. I also like to go ahead and make most of my copies for the beginning of the school year- really helps with pre-planning and not being SO busy!!

    Teaching with Crayons and Curls

    1. Chandra, I LOVE that idea. It surprises me that I haven't thought of making copies for the beginning of the next school year. What a brilliant idea! :)

  2. I'm in the United States also...I have a mental to-do list going already even though we still have about a month of school left. I should probably start making a written list... :) Good luck!


  3. I try to have all of my planning/copies done for the following week before I leave on Fridays. That way my weekends are really mine! :) As for back to school, I have most resources ready and lessons prepped before school gets out~at least enough for the first hectic days!

    Creative Lesson Cafe

  4. I always leave at the end of the school year with my bulletin boards completed for the start of the new school year and a planning list for what I want to prepare over the summer break. Makes the start of the new year less hectic.

  5. We have a month left before summer. This is always the time when I start thinking, "Next year will be so much better because..." I only have time to jot down notes now, but I always take a good look on how I can improve over the summer.

    Fit to be Fourth

  6. I try to get things laminated that I know I'll need that first month back such as nametags. I prepare folders if I can, and run off copies of those few papers that I use every year. Anything to make those first few weeks of school a little easier! :) Thanks for linking up! :)



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