Observational observations

Some of you may know that I didn't teach maths last year... Planning wise, I totally recommend team teaching!! Career wise - If you're ever planning on teaching maths again, I recommend keeping in touch with the other teacher a lot more than I did!!

I have struggled this year!  After one year of not teaching maths I have forgotten how to plan and teach it! Argh it's hard work!

I've had two formal observations so far this year (9 weeks long).  We don't normally have that many in the first term, but my team leader was away during the first round, so we had to do catch ups.  My first ob was in writing - and I've got some good next steps out of it.
My second was in maths (my bad subject!!!) and it was videoed... I just watched it... It wasn't too bad!
I look terrible, but who doesn't when they are being recorded?

Sooooo.... I've decided to be brave and put up a shortened (read slightly edited) version of the video.  The entire group lesson went for 25 minutes - which I really need to get down to about 17 max!!

I would love some feedback if anyone has time to watch it!  I find it quite remarkable that inspite of my terrible teaching, these kids still got the concept and went from needing materials to using number properties in the space of one lesson!!

Ekkk... Here I go!  Being brave!


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  2. I love hearing accents from the southern hemisphere :)
    Is "maths" the correct way to say "math" or "mathematics" in your area of the world? We kind of say it as a joke of bad grammar up here, so it's interesting to see it written as grammatically correct elsewhere!


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