Our first attempt at movie making

So a couple of weeks ago I had a week where every interruption possible hit my programme.  So after the 3rd one I gave up trying to fit everything in to the day and tried something different.

I grouped the kids into groups of 4-5.  Gave each group a book about how to deal with bullying, and an ipad.  Then I told them that they had one hour that day, and one hour the next to produce a movie of said books.

Here is what they created - please remember that this had VERY LITTLE teacher input, and the creative directions were all chosen by the kids. (That being said, I think they did pretty well for an impromptu movie making challenge.)
We are currently giving our second movie making session a go - with actual teacher input, including script writing, storyboarding, and costumes - albeit, the costumes being a blanket or ribbon draped over a child's head!

Here are the finished products! Enjoy.

This first one is about a girl who gets teased and then doesn't want to come to school anymore.
Here we have the story of a girl who is picked on, and then her friend has to make a tough choice when a friend picks on her...

The third video is about coming to a new school.

Finally - what would you do if a younger child was picking on you.

Enjoy the hilarity! We sure did!!

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