Pin it to win it!!

I'm halfway through my holiday now, and am finally feeling up to planning, creating, and getting ready for the new term!!

I have spent the evening creating some Scoot/Task card activities for my kids in the new term.

Check them out, and then pin it to win it!! Pin your favourite of the (so far three) scoot/task card games, and I will pick a winner for every 5 pins on Tuesday!  Just click on the pictures to go straight to the product on TPT.

I'm on a roll, so might see about making one more before bed... While watching the semi final of NZ masterchef!

Post your link to your pins below so I know how many people pinned, and therefore how many winners to award!!


  1. Hi Erin. I love your new link-up and I pinned the place value cards:

  2. Hi! Love the rule cards!

  3. Love the What's my Rule? cards.


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