Weekend wind back - With some prizes!!

Right now I'm sitting on my bed watching old school Grey's Anatomy episodes, while dying my hair.  There's been an outbreak of nits in my class, and I've heard that hair dye can help kill the little creepy crawlies! Plus, my hair was well in the need for it too!
Not sure if I succumbed to the nastiness, but y'all know the horrible sympathetic scratchiness you get when you even hear the word!
I'll even bet you're reaching up to your head right now!
Haha snapped.

Right, the real reason I'm stopping by is to put in my Weekend Windback post!  I'd totally love for you to link up!  All you need to do is dump your camera and create a post.  Simple right?! Totally.  I'm totally going to bribe you to link up to - with free stuff!  Who doesn't love free stuff?
Everyone who links up will go in the draw to win 3 products from my TPT store. If there are more than 10 people, then I will draw two winners.

RIGHT! On to the actual photos!!
The lovely Mrs Brinn from Learning with Mrs Brinn sent me this awesome book and necklace as part of the SLANT box exchange.  Check out Lessons with Coffee to see what everyone else sent.  

I made icecream.

I also made this guy.  He's pretty darn cute!

Book clubs are going pretty well!  I love how independent my kids are with this.  They are driving their learning!

Happy birthday!!

We LOVE LOVE LOVE go noodle!!  Have you started gonoodling yet?  Our internet is pretty terrible in my class, so we have to be really patient waiting for the videos to load up.  Sometimes they don't, but the ones that do are pretty awesome.

I taught my kids how to make pikelets.  Mixed results!

Right it's your turn!! Get your link on, and I'll catch you on the flip side!!

This post is also linked up to Lessons with coffee - Slant box reveals


  1. I LOVE your pink elephant! Is she knitted? I used to crochet, and some times I really wish I could find time to take it up again. What is a pikelet?


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