Weekend windback - 11 May 2014

Welcome to another edition of The Weekend Windback! Where you share the week that was in picture form.

Here are my pictures.  Feel free to link up, and then go and comment on the other people who link up below!
First thing back and I made my kids sit a test.  Followed by another two tests.  The crazies loved it!! And even begged me for another one!
Give kids a box and they will be creative!! I left the room for 5 minutes and came back to this!  Kids are awesome.  They called him "Space bear"
I got busy creating.  You can find the following two items in my TPT store now.

Back to school means back to work.  Lots of laminating needed doing before book clubs started up again!
I started up the cheerleading club at my school this week.  This is not a photo of them, I will get one this week though!! This photo comes from here

And finally
This hoodie came from teespring on Friday.  I love it.  It's all me.  Perfection!! 
Right it's your turn!! Link up, share your photos, and get ready for a new week!!

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