Weekend Windback - Star wars edition

Really the ONLY thing starwarsy about this post is the date.  I'm not a fan, it's just that I was just watching The Big Bang Theory, and I'm up way too late on Saturday night!

SOOOO welcome back to the Weekend Windback!! This is a chance for you to purge your camera, and dump all your photos in time for the new week.

Tell us as much, or as little as you'd like!  The aim is to get to know some of your fellow bloggers, and see what they have been up to this week.

School starts back for term 2 tomorrow. Back into the swing of things!

I spent the last two nights at an AMAZING church conference.  Ps Chris Hill from Denver in America totally knocked it out of the park with his messages!!

On Friday I saw both the sunrise (at bootcamp) and then the sunset (shown here) while on a walk with a friend.  
Had a PD day on the last day of the holidays.  While I TOTALLY wasn't looking forward to it, it was actually really good.  

TOTAL geek out moment this week when I sold my FIRST product on TPT.  Such an awesome feeling!! I've been riding that high all week.

My dog made a mess.....

And a funny to finish the week.
 Right it's your turn now!! Share those photos.  They don't have to be school related (mine weren't this week!) You don't even have to tell us anything about them. Just link on up!

And May the 4th be with you!! (hahaha, actually that is the ONLY thing about starwars I even understand!)

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  1. We finished our letter to you, and my students all made some stuff to send along. However, by the time I left school the Post Office had closed, so I think on Monday I will take a walking field trip to the Post Office, so we can get that mailed out to you.


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