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Oh boy am I excited that this linky is back! This is by far, my all time favourite linky, and I am SOOOOOO happy it's back.  Not only because I love taking photos and sharing them, but also because the photos that Miss Nelson takes are SPECTACULAR! Seriously, you should go through her whole blog, particularly those Saturday Snapshot ones, and take a look.  I really need to take some photography lessons, because mine are terrible in comparison!
Run Miss Nelsons got the Camera

Never the less, I'm linking up today!  (Although I left my camera at school because this weekend is crazy busy!  Big mistake... Ah well)

Ok, so this has been a crazy busy week.  I've got a leadership role at my school where I take all the student leadership groups.  This includes student council, sports leaders, and a few other things.  One of the major things that falls under my role is Book Week. Someone asked what that is, well it's a week we celebrate everything about books.  Reading, writing, authors, characters etc.
I've sent probably 200 emails in the past two weeks inviting, booking, and confirming people from the community to come into school and read to our kids.  Here's to that going off without a hitch!!  We have 20 classes in our school, and I have enough readers for every class (except mine) to have two readers each. Some people are reading to more than one class though.

And now on to my photos of the week... Well just the ones that are on my phone.  I will be better for next week, that is for sure!

Totally proud of my sister.  All American, and she's not even American!! haha

And she's pretty good looking too

And then there's my other sister who turned 21 yesterday.  She's pretty good looking too.

Our school gets given trees when we recycle.  We've earned 10 trees so far this year.

So Thursday morning some of the classes went out in the cold rain to plant them.

Where we live the weather never gets all that cold.  Most of our kids are Pasifika (From the Pasific Islands).  So our Principal shipped in 8 tonnes of "snow" for the kids to play in and experience the coldness!! 

Here are our 11-13 year olds waiting for their turn (in shorts, tshirts, and jandals for some of them! (flipflops)

It was very much like brown slush by the time we got there, but they still had a blast!

And then they got silly, so us teachers had a turn

While the kids watched, we threw snow at each other (and them!!)

And tried not to break our necks!

I was the only teacher who had seen real snow before!!

So it was exciting for us too!!

And then today I spent the day with some of my favourite girls from church and we got our nails done.

Here are mine!!

Now I was supposed to draw this yesterday, but I got home at 5 and was asleep by 520pm last night!  So here is the winner of my Synonym scrolls based on a random number draw - Well done Katie!! I will be emailing you shortly!!
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  1. Snow for the kids? What a cool principal! It is so weird to think that there is people who have never seen snow! Here in Ohio we get our fair share especially last winter! Have a great week!!

  2. That is awesome that your principal brought in snow!! I'm from Chicago and we would have glady shipped you some after the winter we had! ;) Good luck with book week! Sounds like fun! I'm so excited for the synonym scrolls!! YAY!!!

  3. I am still just loving the fact that your principal had the snow shipped in! You are so AWESOME to take on all the leadership groups. You are the BEST! Your nails looks super cute. Love the color!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  4. snow!!!! How fun??? I bet the kids were so exciting. Loving your nail color choice. I need to branch out. I always stick with corals. I'm so glad you linked up today. I can't wait to see more pictures this summer.

  5. Your principal paid actual money to ship in snow for your students? I'm amazed! That would NEVER happen here. I mean, we have PLENTY of snow, but you know what I mean! That's AWESOME!

  6. So awesome of your principal! The kids looked so happy! Your nails are super cute the color. Hopefully this week will be a little less hectic for ya!

    Fifth Grade Wit and


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