Synonym Scrolls - Thesaurus at your finger tips

So my kids really struggle to use a thesaurus effectively.  They take forever to even find the word they want to change, and then waste time choosing the one they want to swap out.  Yes it's important to teach them how to use a dictionary and a thesaurus, but sometimes, their ideas are squashed when they can't find the right word to use quickly.

Several years ago I made this resource that uses some of the most commonly overused words in children's writing, and found some synonyms that could be swapped out.  Along came the synonym scrolls.  I'm adding it to the Monday Made it list!  Make sure to check out everyone else's "Made its" over at Fourth Grade Frolics. (I will add some photos of the scrolls in action tomorrow!)

My kids LOVE these fans.  They are colourful, easy to use, and durable if you laminate them!  The version I'm using has lasted me about 5 years now!
I've updated the graphics and colours, and they are now on sale in my TPT store for a bargain at only $1.50. Grab them now.  I will be updating them as I get time, and find other well overused words!!

To use,
1. Print, laminate, and cut out.  It come in colour or B/W, so you can choose how to print.
2. Combine in ANY order by pushing a split pin through the black dots
3. Use at your writing centre, or during independent writing time.  You could even use them during your writers workshop!

Click the picture to head to the product listing on Teachers Pay Teachers

This is what each scroll looks like

Once you print and laminate, simple push a split pin through the black dot and you are ready to go!

Comes in Black and White also for those who have printing restrictions

And now you can win a free copy!  Tell me below what some of the words that your students over use are. I will choose a winner at random on Friday!  You can also earn an entry by sharing the product on pinterest, or instagram.  Just tag me (@learningtobeawesome) or comment below with your link.

And now it's 11:10 on a Monday night and I have a busy day of school ahead of me... Better get to bed now!


  1. Ohh...I saw these on your Instagram and they are super cute. My kids still use "nice", "cool" and "fun"...even at 5th grade. It's a big no-no in my class.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. Happy and Sad seem to be the most overused in my classroom. How does he look?...Sad. How is she feeling?....Sad. How would you feel if that happened to you?....Sad! It drives me mad!
    Growing Little Learners

  3. I love this!!!!! I like little and like. Alison and you pretty much named the others.

  4. These look terrific. My fourth graders tend to overuse "good", "nice" and "fun". Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy!

  5. Love it! :) My students definitely use pretty, little, and goos WAY TOO MUCH!



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