Two for Tuesday (on Wednesday)

I'm just gonna face it, no matter how quick I am (not in this case) I will ALWAYS be a day late with any day specific linky party.  While I'm ending the school day on Wednesday now, some of y'all are still in Tuesday land!  Totally confuses my brain sometimes.

ANY way, I love this linky that is going on over at The Teaching Tribune today!  Go on and check it out, I'll wait.

Right so the idea is to have two products on sale for 50% off for the next day.  I will leave mine up til I get to school on Friday.  Gives you about 36 ish hours.
While my store is still new, and there isn't really much in there yet, I have chosen my two most popular and most wish listed products.  I hope you enjoy them!

Firstly - Some purple bunting to make your class pop!! I do have a range of colours, but this is the only one on sale this week.  Right now, ONLY $1!! Bargain.

I made this bunting to decorate my class with this year.  The kids love the colours, and I love how easy they are to use.  Just chose the letters you want for the different signs you're planning on making, print and go! I've laminated the ones I've used (as you can see in the photos).  You can also use them when creating posters or newsletters.

Click on the picture to take you to the product


A scoot/task cards resource to get you started for next year.  Download now for only $1.  24 task cards relating to solving problems involving money.  Addition and subtraction, multistep problems, and a mix of word and numbers.

I can't find the photo of my kids using it but they loved it!  

Come back next Tuesday (Wednesday) to find out what else with be half off!!

Now go back and get the rest of those amazing deals going on right now!

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