Well now! That was an eventful week.

So I had this plan to show you photos of the awesome Slant box I got this week.  And then my phone was stolen!  (all the photos were on my phone)
Gosh, am I reliant on my phone or what!  I didn't have it for about 24 hours and it was like I'd lost a limb or something.  I was tempted to not go to the police/insurance people over the weekend so that I could lose the reliance!

Anyway, this is actually a good story!  So Thursday afternoon I dismiss my kids at 3pm, go to the staffroom and do a couple little jobs, and then head back to my classroom.  As I'm heading there I see one of our babies walking with his shoes in one hand and jacket in the other.  Being the awesomely nice person I am, I stop and help him.  He is only 5 afterall, and a wee bit slow (if ya catch my drift).  Lovely kid, just well...
So as I'm saying "no, other foot" about 30 times, it starts randomly pouring with rain.  We jump up off the steps, because you know, I'm like going to melt or something.  Shoes on, the kids big brother finally decides to come get him, and they leave.
I then start packing up my room and get ready to go to the dentist.  I discover my phone is gone, and start panicking!  A couple of my team mates come and help me, gosh they are good.  Then the caretaker says he saw my phone fall out of my pocket when we ran out of the rain earlier, and asks if I picked it up.  Not me, apparantly someone else...

I head to my appointment, a wee bit stressed, but hey.  Then straight to the mall to get my phone locked. (Oh by the way, lesson number 1 - always have find my iphone installed!)
All sorted, then off to police station.  Where I get told off for saying my phone is stolen.  Apparently unless you actually see the person take your property it's just "lost". Righto.  No problem, police report all filled in.

Next day I'm back to the mall and on the phone at telecom to the insurance people.  All approved in 15 minutes.  Lesson number 2, ALWAYS have phone insurance!!  Sweet!! They approved me for the 5c, which looked really cheap and nasty to me, so I opted to pay a bit extra and get the 5s.  THEN the awesome lady who helped me at telecom tells me that because I've been a good teacher (how does she know!) she's going to discount the extra price!!

SOOOO I got the new phone I needed anyway (my old phone was REALLY old and the sound didn't work any more) for really cheap, without having to get a new contract! Total silver lining!!

And that's why I can't share my Slant box just yet.


  1. I can't believe someone stole your phone! Once my son lost his phone at a concert and it got crushed, but some nice person sent his SIM card back to him. It's a good thing it's the weekend so you can recover from all this stress!

  2. I just got a new 5s this week, but only because I dropped mine in the TOILET! Lol!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'


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