Argh seriously, this term is kicking my butt!! And not in a "ooo your butt is looking awesome 'cause you're working out - damn gurl you look fine" kind of a way!  Oh my gosh, two weeks in and things are cahrazy!!
Infact not even two weeks, this is only WEDNESDAY people!!

Still have lots I want to show you, but I'm so swamped I just can't even get my head on straight these days.  BUT because I love you guys so much, I'm offering up a back to school deal for you today.

(I promise to show you how I used this product in my class over the next couple of days, I just realised as I sat down to write this post (before heading to bed) that my camera, with photos, is at school...)
So I only have a couple of terrible shots to get you through.

Right so this is such a fun writing tool!  My kids loved thinking about things in different ways when writing some of these projects.  Introducing my newest product - Unlock your thinking! Back to school thinkers keys writing prompts

Here are some pictures of it in action (I will post some more/better ones when I get a chance over the next few days)

I'm sorry for two things.  1 - the terrible handwriting (I focus on ideas, not prettiness.  I need to work on that) 2 - the sideways photo.  My computer doesn't like me tonight!

Uses for a pencil OTHER than writing with it.

This is what the AWESOME cards look like when all printed etc.

Seriously, grab yourself a bargain and pick it up for $1.50.

AND then because I know you're all in decorating mode, I'm offering up my ULTIMATE CHEVRON BUNTING BUNDLE for $4.50.  That's like getting 3 1/2 of them FREE!

I like free

(Making my covers better is high on my to do list... behind teaching, and planning, and making sure my kids are well educated! ARGH the list never ends)
This is how I decorate throughout my WHOLE classroom.  And they look amazing all laminated etc.

It's times like this, when I'm trying to show you how awesome they look, that I really wish I had my camera with me!
These are photos from when I set up my room at the beginning of the year.

So what are you waiting for!  Grab yourself a bargain, and head over to The Teaching Tribune for another 2 for Tuesday round up!

I'm stopping by VERY quickly before school starts in a couple minutes (naughty I know!!), but I just wanted to bring you another two for Tuesday deal!!  I know what I'm going to offer NEXT Tuesday, but it was SUPER hard picking today's deals.

I'm loving teaching Maths at the moment, so that's where I've gone this week.

I'm offering up two of my taskcard/scoot game resources for only $1 each!  Seriously that's an amazing deal.

Firstly - Exploring numbers. This one asks your students to think critically about some numbers they can find. Would be really good as a review for older grades, or as a station for grade 3 ish.

And then this money one, which is not based on any countries currency, but does use dollars as the symbol.  This one is a mix of word and number problems.  Again a great addition to any station you have going!

Check out what everyone else has on offer at The Teaching Tribune!  I love 2 for Tuesday.

So if you haven't already heard, there is an awesome giveaway going on over at Thriving in Third.  Lindsey is one talented chickadee!! Not only is she an awesome teacher, but she has started designing blogs too!!  Seriously, if you are in need of a blog design makeover, you should check her out.  They are super gorgeous, and really well priced!

Anyway, so the giveaway is for her 1st blogiversary!  I'm part of the middle school giveaway, and it's a winners choice!  There are four prize packs you could win, so seriously, get entering!!

We are straight back in full swing of term 3 now, and there are soooo many things I wanna tell you about! Gotta get this teaching thing done first though.  I think that this weekend I will have to schedule a whole bunch of posts, because seriously yo, my brain is about to explode with ideas!!  

Until then, make sure you are being awesome with what ever you are doing - be it holidaying, setting up your classroom, or battling the cold like me down here in the Southern Hemisphere.

Those last two weeks didn't go slowly enough... Winter break is officially over and I'm back to it tomorrow! This was actually the first EVER holidays that I've not stepped foot in my room during the break. (Well unless you count me sneaking in on the first Saturday to grab my camera...)

I'm (pretty much) all ready for the new term - just gotta get back into waking up at 6am!

Wish me luck...

Avoid becoming the negative, apathetic, complaining teacher.

We all know that teaching is a hard job.  It's demanding, and there is an ever increasing lack of support coming from the powers that be.  We work hard, and our students are our lives for more than the hours between 9 and 3 each day (Or whatever the hours are that you are required to work.)

However, the longer I teach the more disheartened I become with some of my colleagues and the attitudes I see in the education field around me.  Hence the reason for this post - How to avoid becoming "THAT" teacher.  You know, the teacher who complains about everything, who is unwilling to learn, and just basically makes life a misery for everyone around them.  Unfortunately they are everywhere, and there is no avoiding them, but you can avoid becoming like them.

ONE - Avoid becoming complacent.

The dictionary describes complacency as the following - "Pleased, especially with oneself or one's merits, advantages, situation etc., often without awareness of some potential danger or defect; self-satisfied".  Now don't get me wrong - if you've done something awesome, celebrate it!  I certainly do.  There is no point achieving something if you are going to hide it under a bushel.
Being humble is where most people go wrong in this area.  If you want to continue being an awesome person, teacher or not, you have to stay humble!  Celebrate your successes and achievements, but recognise that you can't do anything on your own.
If you are teacher of the year - you have a team behind you helping you get there!
If your students have made accelerated progress through a reading programme you developed - recognise that there are always other factors at play.
Humility is the key to avoiding complacency.

TWO - Avoid becoming lazy.

There are many people in this world who quickly in life fall into the trap of settling.  Settling for the easy job, the easy path, sometimes even the easy relationships.  Laziness isn't just laying around, getting fat. Sometimes laziness follows complacency in the form of sticking with the status quo.
When I talk about laziness in the teaching profession, I'm talking about those people who avoid eye contact when the leader is looking for a volunteer.  I'm talking about that person who arrives and leaves within 5 minutes of the required hours (I'm not however talking about the person who has to do this for family reasons, but does countless hours at home).  I'm talking about the person who is dull and boring in their lesson planning because it's easier to recycle year after year instead of actually reading what they have written and editing as needed for their current class.
To avoid being lazy isn't to say that you can't work smart.  Creating generic lessons, activities, and plans that you can use in any learning area is a smart idea.  Using ONLY these generic lessons, activities, and plans in EVERY learning area is lazy.
Being available is the key to avoiding laziness.

THREE - Avoid becoming negative.

This is a hard one.  When the culture in your work environment is negative, it spreads like a weed. Negativity is noxious, and it can kill the life out of a teacher in a heartbeat.  Negative people hang around in corners of the staff room, gossiping and complaining.  They are the ones that smile to the face of one person, and then turn around and complain to the next.  They are the "Mean Girls" of the working world.  My advice - avoid these people like your life depends on it.  They will suck you dry and leave you wondering what just happened.  Avoid them if you can, but if you can't, be honest with them about how you don't appreciate their words.
Being honest is the key to avoiding negativity.

FOUR - Avoid becoming apathetic.

It may seem that many of these things are the same.  And in a sense they are!  They all stem from a lack of ability to push through the myriad of things dumped on our desks each and every day.  The apathetic teacher is that person who just doesn't care.  They do their job, and by that I mean they turn up, plan their lessons, and assess their students.  But really they don't care.  They lack a sense of drive and motivation for their job, and sometimes even for the other things going on around them.
Being enthusiastic is the key to avoiding apathy.

FIVE - Avoid becoming rigid.

Possibly the most important part of being a teacher is the ability to be flexible.  Guaranteed at least once a week there will be something that interrupts your programme.  There will be a fire drill.  One of your students will throw up all over the carpet - right as you are getting to the most exciting part of your lesson. Sometimes, the interruption could even be something exciting like a surprise guest speaker!  Inflexibility can kill even the most awesome teachers if they are unwilling to go with the flow.  Rigidity can also come in the form of being unwilling to move with the times!  There are many teachers whose own ability at using a computer, or other form of technology, restricts their students learning simply due to their unwillingness to "Give it a go".
Being willing to try is the key to avoiding rigidity.

We all know someone who is "THAT" teacher.  Some of us even knew them when they were excited, motivated, flexible people.  My fear is that if there are more examples of "THAT" teacher than not, then the new teachers coming through will have them as their guide.  We must do everything we can not to let it get that way!!

So go, be humble, honest, available, enthusiastic, and willing to give things a try.  You will be the voice in the dark that people will flock to.  You will encourage our young colleagues to give things a go and together our students will get the best deal.

Hands up if you're happy two for Tuesday made a come back?!  My hands are up yo!

I love this linky!! I love being able to grab an absolute bargain, and also give one out to you lot!!

I've decided to go based on my two most wishlisted items.  Welllll actually that's not entirely true, my most wishlisted items are freebies....  But these came a close second!! Actually I think this is how I will do it each week - vote with your wishlists people, that is how I will choose my t4t's from now on.

Check it out

Here are my Synonym scrolls - a Thesaurus at your fingertips resource.  My kids love grabbing these to help with their writing.  Especially when we are doing creative writing!

And then the second is my best seller so far

60 task cards that can be used to guide the comprehension of ANY book.

You can grab both these items for only $1.50 each for the next 48 hours.  Be sure to check out the rest of the deals going on at The Teaching Tribune!


I'm so excited!!! And I just can't hide it... How long before you get sick of my song lyrics???

Soooooo Marcy from Searching for Teacher Balance has been blogging for  year yo.  A YEAR!! Gosh that's a long time... (coming from me at 18 months hehe).  And she has joined up with SOOOOOO many awesome bloggers, and me, and there is a MAJOR pants giveaway going on.  Seriously - MAJORPANTS.  (totally just made that word up... will it catch on, or is it like "Fetch"?)

Check it out, enter away, and share it round!!!

I seriously can't believe it has been a whole year since I decided to join this amazing teacher-blogger community.  This year has taught me a ton about challenging myself as a teacher, while staying true to myself.  There have been plenty of hurdles which we know are far too normal in our profession, but it is readers and bloggers like you that have allowed me to keep going.  As a way to say thank you for all of your support I am hosting a huge giveaway, which is only possible because of the amazing bloggers below.  Be sure to enter and tell your friends to enter; there are so many amazing products being given away.

Winner's Choice from:

Specific Products from: 
Positively Learning - A Sentence A Day
The Kinder Garden  - Summer Lovin' Sentences
Wiggling Scholars - Review Writing Units  

The giveaway is broken down into grade levels/bands.  You can enter 1, 2, or all of them.

Thank you again for all of your support this year!  Here is to many more!

This post is almost completely unrelated to school.  And I make no apologies for that! Haha...

Two weeks ago my sister had her 21st birthday party.  I took the photos that night, but then we nearly lost all of them due to a corrupted memory card.  Good thing my dad is a police man, and has contacts with police forensics who recovered all the files.

Check out the party pics!!

My favourite photo - the cake and the lights

Sister and a friend
My beautiful cousins, (and a few of my boy cousins wives)

Birthday girl

Ok so technically I didn't take this one, since I'm in it.  Most of my cousins, an aunt, and me
And now just a couple of snapshots from the first week of my holiday.

Meet Ollie

She is the biggest sook in the world

But we like going on adventures together

She likes them more than I do most days

This is our favourite place - The river.  In summer it's a great place to swim.  

There is a mountain on the other side of this lake.

This is an iPhone zoomed quality picture from left to right - Mt Ruapehu, Mt Ngaruahoe, and Mt Tongariro.  For those of you that are LOTR fans, the middle one is Mount Doom.

And my all time favourite shot from the holidays, the view from the deck at my parents place one morning.
Head over to Miss Nelson's blog to see everyone else's Saturday Snapshots!

Right now I'm off to see The Fault in our Stars with my mum.  Gotta find those tissues!!  Til next time.

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