A quick two for Tuesday

Argh seriously, this term is kicking my butt!! And not in a "ooo your butt is looking awesome 'cause you're working out - damn gurl you look fine" kind of a way!  Oh my gosh, two weeks in and things are cahrazy!!
Infact not even two weeks, this is only WEDNESDAY people!!

Still have lots I want to show you, but I'm so swamped I just can't even get my head on straight these days.  BUT because I love you guys so much, I'm offering up a back to school deal for you today.

(I promise to show you how I used this product in my class over the next couple of days, I just realised as I sat down to write this post (before heading to bed) that my camera, with photos, is at school...)
So I only have a couple of terrible shots to get you through.

Right so this is such a fun writing tool!  My kids loved thinking about things in different ways when writing some of these projects.  Introducing my newest product - Unlock your thinking! Back to school thinkers keys writing prompts

Here are some pictures of it in action (I will post some more/better ones when I get a chance over the next few days)

I'm sorry for two things.  1 - the terrible handwriting (I focus on ideas, not prettiness.  I need to work on that) 2 - the sideways photo.  My computer doesn't like me tonight!

Uses for a pencil OTHER than writing with it.

This is what the AWESOME cards look like when all printed etc.

Seriously, grab yourself a bargain and pick it up for $1.50.

AND then because I know you're all in decorating mode, I'm offering up my ULTIMATE CHEVRON BUNTING BUNDLE for $4.50.  That's like getting 3 1/2 of them FREE!

I like free

(Making my covers better is high on my to do list... behind teaching, and planning, and making sure my kids are well educated! ARGH the list never ends)
This is how I decorate throughout my WHOLE classroom.  And they look amazing all laminated etc.

It's times like this, when I'm trying to show you how awesome they look, that I really wish I had my camera with me!
These are photos from when I set up my room at the beginning of the year.

So what are you waiting for!  Grab yourself a bargain, and head over to The Teaching Tribune for another 2 for Tuesday round up!


  1. Damn girl you do like fiiiine! Ha ou crack me up. I'm sure all this running around like a crazy lady for back to school takes trump over the gym. Am I right!?!?!

    Teaching with Hope

    1. Haha!! Yeah I know right. Thankfully it's not "back to school" from summer season here in New Zealand - just crazy-do-you-realise-we-are-halfway-through-the-year time!!

      Thanks for stopping by :)


  2. "2. You can poke your nose with it." Haha! I mean.. I guess you could. What a fun activity! And that Chevron Bunting Bundle it awesome! I had to pin it and share!
    The Chalkboard Garden


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