Introducing my baby

Ok please don't get disappointed when I don't show you pictures of real babies. I'm actually talking about something that has taken the last 4 years to develop, perfect, and then publish!!

One day I will show you pictures of a human baby, just gotta get me one of those men folk.

For the past 7.5 years that I have been teaching, basic facts, number knowledge, and place value have been hot topics in the school's I've taught at.  Side note - I've taught all levels from 5 year olds to late highschool, but most of my time has been spent in years 4-8 (grades 3-7).
I've used many different games, worksheets, and programmes to develop this number knowledge in my students to varying degrees of success.  Some were really good at teaching times tables, but really lacked the place value knowledge my kids lacked.  Other times there was just too much emphasis on needing the teacher, that it became hard to keep up with.

So I made my own, taking the things I liked from a whole range of different places.  I also had help along the way from some of the awesome teachers I work with!

I wanted something that focused on all areas of number knowledge, and was student directed.  I wanted it to be differentiated to each student's next learning step (A HUGE THING in New Zealand), but also allowed for the teacher to track and teach what was needed in an easy way.

I still need to come up with a better name, but the programme is developed and that is the main thing!

Along came my Comprehensive basic facts, number knowledge, and place value program.

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This program starts out very easy, with subitising numbers to 5, and works it's way through to ordering integers and finding square roots.  It covers every skill based around number knowledge/basic facts/place value from K-grade 7.

How do I use it?
Well firstly I base line test my kids to see what they know.  In New Zealand we have a global knowledge test that can be used by any class.  This year I went based on their results from the previous year and then just took them back a stage (just to be sure of what they actually know).  The stages are based on New Zealand standards, but can be used by any one because they are simply showing a progression.  The expectation for a year 6 (5th grade) student in New Zealand is to be at the end of stage 6 by the end of the year.  So that is what I base my teaching on.

All of my students (4/5th graders) started this year either on stage 4, or stage 5.  I give each student a copy of the test to practice/make their own flash cards/learn.  When they are ready they put their name on the white board and I test them throughout the day.  I schedule a time in my maths block to test as many as I can, but then will test a few during silent reading, or whenever I'm free.  The beauty of this program is that you can either test one on one (which I prefer as I can see what the students are struggling with, but it does take a LOT more time) or as a whole group.  Each student just grabs a copy of the test they are doing, you start the timer for 2 minutes, and then they grade!

When testing I get the kids to do the tests orally (for me it saves my printing costs, and I can see if there is a particular are they are struggling with).  I then teach the skill they are struggling with right there and then (seriously like for 30 seconds), or if there are a few of them struggling with say their 2 x tables, then I teach a mini lesson to them.

If they master the test then they get a sticker on their chart (which is on the wall), and also a sticker on their super improvers chart.  And let's face it, what kid doesn't like stickers?!

I will upload some pictures to show it in action (and probably a new post, so that y'all can see it again) once I'm back in my class next week.

Until then, check out these preview shots.

Included in the download are all the test, answer keys, and instructions needed for all that you will need. For all tests past stage 4 there are two different versions (except for 4c, as there are just a limited number of questions that could be answered there).  98 pages of pure gold!!

You can download it for a measly $5 right now!! But be quick, that price wont last.


  1. Wow! Your new product looks great! I have added it to my wish list! Have a great rest of your Saturday.
    Grade 4 Buzz

  2. Erin, great work to compile this series of place value and basic facts tests! They look simple to use and diagnose student skill acquisition. Love it
    ~Heather Mrs. Renz Class


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