I'm so excited!!! And I just can't hide it... How long before you get sick of my song lyrics???

Soooooo Marcy from Searching for Teacher Balance has been blogging for  year yo.  A YEAR!! Gosh that's a long time... (coming from me at 18 months hehe).  And she has joined up with SOOOOOO many awesome bloggers, and me, and there is a MAJOR pants giveaway going on.  Seriously - MAJORPANTS.  (totally just made that word up... will it catch on, or is it like "Fetch"?)

Check it out, enter away, and share it round!!!

I seriously can't believe it has been a whole year since I decided to join this amazing teacher-blogger community.  This year has taught me a ton about challenging myself as a teacher, while staying true to myself.  There have been plenty of hurdles which we know are far too normal in our profession, but it is readers and bloggers like you that have allowed me to keep going.  As a way to say thank you for all of your support I am hosting a huge giveaway, which is only possible because of the amazing bloggers below.  Be sure to enter and tell your friends to enter; there are so many amazing products being given away.

Winner's Choice from:

Specific Products from: 
Positively Learning - A Sentence A Day
The Kinder Garden  - Summer Lovin' Sentences
Wiggling Scholars - Review Writing Units  

The giveaway is broken down into grade levels/bands.  You can enter 1, 2, or all of them.

Thank you again for all of your support this year!  Here is to many more!

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