Winter giveaway!

Right, so it's 7pm on the last day of school for term 2.  I'm officially on winter break!!

And to celebrate I've scoured the bookshelves and found a few amazing books to give away to a couple lucky winners.

These books are VERY kiwi, VERY New Zealand (except one that is Australian!)!
Check them out below
A kiwi take on Little Red Riding Hood
Based on the story the frog prince. Only this time the frog loves rugby!
In English, and Maori (another language spoken here in New Zealand.  Has some similarities to Hawaiian).  Based on the song 10 green bottles.  Very fun count down song, comes with a CD.
This is the Australian one.  Lots of Aussie slang.  HEAPS of fun :)
There are also a couple of other books I will chuck in the package too.  So what are you waiting for?!  Get your entries in.  These would be some awesome books to add to your class library next year.
Easy entry, and easy win.  Get to it!!
You could be one of the TWO lucky winners.  Yes I will send anywhere in the world, so enter away!!
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  1. Oh my! How cute are these books! Thank you for a chance to win them! I could always use more books!

    Fit to be Fourth


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