There are about 6 draft blog posts on my dashboard right now.  They are potentially quite controversial, so I really want to get all my ducks in a row before putting them out there!  One is about how I test ALL THE TIME.  Another about how I cringe when I hear about seating plans...

I'll let you simmer on that for a while - Hopefully I'll get a chance to share them soon!

In the mean time - Now that you're all pretty much back in the swing of school time, I wanted to give you the chance to win my Comprehensive Basic Facts, Number Knowledge, and Place Value program.  It really does have everything in it.
Don't believe me?  Check out the feedback others have given already!!

There is something for EVERY child aged 5-13 in this all inclusive package.

Not only do you get four different tracking sheets to choose from...

And student answer/work/learning sheets for all levels...

BUT you also get answer keys for EVERY sheet.

That's a 98 page deal for a steal.

Check it out here -

Right - now for the Pin to Win.  Click on the image below and head to pinterest.  REPIN the pin to any public pinterest page for your chance to win this product.  I will choose a winner from the repins on Sunday (New Zealand time).  You could also pin from here, and in that case add your pin url to the comments box. 
For those of you that can't wait, this will also be on sale 30% off until Sunday.  If you choose to buy and then you win, you can have a Learning to be awesome store credit of $10 (equivalent to the 30% off price).

What are you waiting for!! Quick quick!!

It goes like this.
You're tired, you haven't slept well in the past few weeks, it's just a bit easier to let things slip under the radar.
One kid calls out an answer without following routines - you miss it.
You find a pencil on the floor, broken.
Kids start answering back.
All of a sudden you're staring with disbelief at the state of your classroom.

In writing at the moment we are working on speeches.  My kids absolutely LOVE writing speeches, and they love speaking in front of our class.  I'm quite lucky this year.  One of them wrote a speech about bullying, and used this quote in his speech.
"Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become your character.
And watch your character, for it becomes your destiny."

This is such a powerful quote!  How many times have you looked at your kids and thought "How did we get here?!"  This can work both ways.

I had a sub in my class yesterday while I had a data review meeting with my principal, DP, and team leader. Totally not a big deal - I just shared where we were.  Anyway, I came back to a class in disarray.  Things were all over the place, half our pens were missing, and one kid had decided to leave the class and wander around the school.  This was my fault!  I had let little things slide over the past few weeks, and it had compounded in this horrible display in behaviour and lack of learning.

Is it the sub's job to keep control while I'm not there - absolutely.  Is it the kids job to be responsible for their own actions? - You betcha!  HOWEVER - is it my job to maintain tight routines during the times I am there so that expectations are high when I'm not - even more so.

Lesson learnt - make sure you learn from mine people!  Under ALL circumstances, keep your routines absolutely 100% tight and well structured.  Your sub, your kids, and even you will thank you for it later.

I'm fairly certain I fooled y'all into thinking I was going to talk about something naughty here didn't I?!

Nah, just thought that if everyone was meeting each other I'd jump into the fun and introduce myself too!!  For those of you that know me - and have read up about me a few times - see if you can find anything new about me that you didn't already know!

This is me on a particularly good hair day.  I love music, collaboration, and all things fun.
I have 4 brothers and sisters (well, two of each), and I'm the eldest. My parents are pretty choice, and they are my biggest cheerleaders in the crazy game we call life.

I live in Auckland New Zealand, and teach 29 crazy 10 year olds.  They sure do keep me busy!

Photography, pizza, mint green anything.  Good communication skills, and the ability to see the bigger picture.  People who are in the same mood as me, and all things a little bit sour.  Patterns that show order, and those wonderful beings that don't mind that I can't.

A professional traveller.

Elclectic, messy, awesome.    

"I like having mismatched desks...said no teacher EVER!!" 

The guy that writes Daily Odd Compliment.  Seriously, that dude is hilarious!

"All the crazy, right here." 

The ability to take photographs with my eyes.  Pretty sure it's not going to save anyone's life, but it would still be pretty sweet! 

Q: WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE QUOTE OR SAYING?"It's better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it."  

Sia - "Chandelier".  Not because I can, just because if I could pull that off then seriously no one would be able to beat me.  That song is CRAZY hard to sing!  

Night owl for sure.  I just wish I could find a school that started at 11!
Q: WHAT'S YOUR FAVOURITE RESOURCE THAT YOU'VE CREATED IN YOUR TPT SHOP? Right now I'm teaching fractions, so my adding/subtracting like fractions task cards are my current favourites.  Check them out!  They're new this week.

I didn't teach for a year so that I could complete my performance level piano qualification.  Totally and utterly ridiculously hard work - but I passed with Honours! 

Go and link up/check out everyone else!

About guided access on your ipad!

I'm linking up today with Mrs McClain over at Buzzing with Mrs McClain for the "You Oughta Know" blog hop.

45 really awesome bloggers have joined together to bring you this awesome blog hop chocka block FULL of really great ideas that you really should know about.

As you saw earlier in my post I'm going to share all about guided access on your iPad!

I am super lucky to have access to 5 (plus my own) iPads and Apple Tv in my class room this year. My ten year olds LOVE being able to use the iPads to help them with their learning.

However, they are ten.  And we all know that ten year olds can be a leeeeettle bit sneaky!  Also the class of 5 year olds next door have accidentally shown us their learning by putting their iPad's on our Apple tv over the wifi.

Enter guided access!!  Totally awesome BTW's!!

It really is that easy!  I love it because it means I can give my personal iPad to my students and not worry about them getting into non school related apps - like facebook!

There are 45!!! Amazing blog posts below, make sure you hop on over to them all!!

I just want to share something awesome with you! I just had a visit from our RTLB (resource teacher, learning and behaviour, basically she is someone who helps with our special ed kids).

Anyway, she couldn't work with my lovely because he's away sick.  She was however RAVING about this new thing she found out about at another school before coming to me.  (I don't know how "new" it actually is, but it's the first time I've heard of it so hey!)

Me - So you wanna know what it is?
You - Duh, why else would I be here?
Me - I dunno, maybe you just wanna be my friend?
You - Again, duh.  No brainer.  But you gots ta gimme something girl!
Me - Woah totes will dude.

Okay sorry - I think I've been hanging out with my class too long.  HAHA

Anyway - It's Piclits  (Word of quick warning though, the first image that always comes up is of a bottle of beer.  You can't tell without using inference skills that that is what it is, but still (Actually I just read that the pictures change each day so should be good)).

The idea behind this site is that you get a picture and you put words on it...  Sounds simple right?  Totally is!
Check out one we did as a class.

PicLit from
Click me
See the full PicLit at

You have two options when writing.  First choose a picture.  Then you can freestyle your writing - As in just type.  OR you can drag and drop!


Bonus things I like

  1. It works on the ipad (using safari)
  2. Gorgeous photos
  3. I haven't tested this (as I have apple tv, not a smart board), but they say on the site that it is smart board compatible
Go check it out!!  Let me know what you think  - I'd love to see your piclits!!

WooHoo!!! The sale is in full swing.  I have found some awesome deals that I want to share with you.  I hope you will share your awesome finds with everyone as well and link up below!!  Tell us what you found, and how you're planning on using them (if you have a plan already!!)

I love the things I found - check them out below!!

First up - This AWESOME set of clip art.  I LOVE how diverse the characters are.  I also love how detailed the images are!!  Check out Illumismart for more awesome clipart images.

The next thing I bought has been on my wishlist for AGES!!!  It's another clip art set - but totally different from the ones above.  You've probably seen them around on some of the awesome products people make.

I think these kids are SUPER cute.  Totally adorable, and just FUN!!!

I did pick up some things that aren't just clip art too.  Check out this totally AWESOME brand spanking new resource from Mrs Shipley and Georgia Grown Kiddos all about writing Whole Brain Teaching style.  I'm a HUGE fan of WBT.  It's such an awesome way to get kids writing - especially when English is not their first language (as is the case with most of my lot!)

Honestly, ssoooooooo many awesome things are on sale right now, but until I'm a millionaire, I'm just gonna have to settle for these ones.

Your turn!  Link up and share your stash. Grab the button above and then link in.  I can't wait to see what you got!!

Hey everyone!! I know we're all gearing up for the HUGE sale tomorrow (bit confusing over here, as we're are well into the 4th here already).


I wanted to do something a little bit fun!  Come back tomorrow and "show us your stash".  Share the things you bought, maybe a little bit about how you plan on using it, and some info on how AWESOME you think it is!!

Use this button here, and link up once you've found your favourite deals!!

Remember to link back to the store of the person you bought from so that we can all find some AWESOME deals too!!

Thanks to Ashley Hughes for designing the background paper
Magic Mistakes and Mayhem for the super cute monster clip art
and Hello fonts for my favourite fonts!!

So I am committing an ultimate blogger sin here - Posting twice on the same day, but for some reason I hit save and not publish!! So my scheduled post didn't happen!! Ah well.  
The AMAZING Hope over at Teaching with Hope has worked SOOOO incredibly hard to set this GINORMOUSLY, MASSIVELY, HUGE giveaway.  Read on to hear what it's all about. (And then if there is anything that isn't showing up properly, head to her blog, because apparently I can't copy and paste code without messing it up!)  GOOD LUCK!!


My heart is beating at what feels like a kajillion miles per hour and I have butterflies in my tummy as I post this! So much preparation and hard work has gone into this giveaway and these products.
 I won't go on and on for too long- I promise, but I think it is important to tell you how this giveaway came to be. 

There are incredible TpT creators out there. There are the BIG ones who we all know, love, adore and go to again and again to fill our classrooms with love and learning. I am so thankful to have resources literally at my fingertips no matter where I am. 

I have spent a lot of the summer creating and collaborating with other teachers and have come to find some "hidden treasures" in stores with very few followers. So what better way to showcase these incredible teachers and all their work than with one of the most enormous giveaways we have ever seen? 

 Over 100 TpT sellers and Etsy creators have donated these products. There are 7 prize packs and each are grouped by grade level. You can enter to win them all! The more entry tasks you complete the better your chances of winning. Plus you can share this giveaway on your Blog, Facebook or Pinterest once a day for an additional 10 entries each day! So without further ado.....

Prize Pack #1 includes 18 products from TpT sellers, a handmade "welcome" banner for your classroom from </ span>M Paper Designs</ a> and a personalized teacher cup from Sugar Stitches Designs!
Click any of the pictures below and a link will take you to the listing for each product. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

</ div>

Prize Pack #2 includes 19 products from TpT sellers, a teacher planner  from The Nifty Planner</ a>, and a  personalized teacher sign from Blended Creations Inc.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

                                                          Product of your choice!
</ div>

Prize Pack #3 includes 17 products from TpT sellers, a handmade classroom garland from MPaper Designs and a pencil door sign from Details in the Deisgn.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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 Prize Pack #4 includes 18 products from TpT sellers, a handmade classroom garland from MPaper Designs</ a>, and a personalized pencil door sign from Bows and Bells Hangers.

 </ div>

</ a> </ div>

Prize Pack #5 includes 15 products from TpT sellers a personalized sign from MACInspired Crafts plus a personalized teacher block sign from Blended Creations Inc!

</ div>

Prize Pack #6 includes products from 16 TpT sellers a personalized door sign from Cara's Southern Designs, and a personalized teacher cup from Mommy's Latte Fund!

Prize Pack #7 includes 16 products from TpT sellers, a teacher planner of your choice from Little Drop Designs</ a>, a personalized door sign from MACInspired Creations plus a personalized teacher cup from Mommy's Latte Fund!

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