Have you heard the news!!!

About the MASSIVE sale???

That's right, it's back to school sale time all over the place, and two of my favourite places are gearing up/are in the middle of their major back to school deals.

First up - Educents.  Seriously, if you've not heard of this site yet you are living under a rock! It's a bit like those one-day-deal sites except with AWESOME teacher resources!!

Check them out HERE.

Some of the AWESOME deals they have going on right now span all grade levels - at seriously bargain basement prices.

These are the deals I'm currently looking at.  But there are more for younger AND older grades!!

All about decor and back to school classroom management - a steal at only $10.99 (Quick this one only has 13 hours left)
Did someone say "Tricky Maths" - Totally getting this one!! Again at only $10.99!!!!!
And there are more!! Seriously head there now and check them out!

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