This year has flown by so incredibly quickly!  School holidays start today in New Zealand, and we have two glorious weeks of rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation to look forward to.

I don't have much planned for this break, but there are a few things I'm working on!

  • My students have made INCREDIBLE progress in numeracy so far this year.  I am so proud of their accomplishments and effort.  I will be spending some time working out how to plug a few gaps they have, and push them that little bit further.
  • Our focus next term is going to Kindness, and how people give.  If you have time I would REALLY appreciate it if you could fill in this 3 question survey!  SURVEY ON GIVING.
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  • I'm heading home to see my parents and some friends tomorrow after sorting out my planning. I love that I will be ready to go fresh from day one!  Especially with all the testing and end of year things that have to happen!  I want to hit the ground running, and get in as much learning as possible before I send these kids off to intermediate.  
Hopefully with the craziness of last term behind me I will actually get time to do some blogging in the next two weeks!  I guess we will see...

I'm sorry friends, I've been a bit MIA the last few weeks.  I thought I'd better just pop in with an update on what I've been up to!

Well, my kid have been having a grand old time without me for the past two weeks!  They headed into the city to Stardome to consolidate their "Space" learning.  I was quite disappointed to miss out on all that fun.

While they have been having fun there, I've been working with NMSSA marking student interview assessments to do with Social Studies and Reading.  While I can't really go into any detail about what we are doing (it's not released by the Ministry of Education yet) I can say it has been eye opening to hear some of the responses some kids have towards various aspects of participation within a community.

I'm excited to get back to my kids next term and really push those critical thinking skills that are so vital in our students.  One thing I'm keenly aware of now is the need to be able to link thinking about a concept (such as sustainability) to many contexts (such as fishing and forestry).

My principal shared her thinking about where she wants our kids thinking to be next term, and I'm so excited about the concept - Giving!  What a great concept to end the school year on, and how many awesome places could this take us!

For all my New Zealand friends, hold on! There are only two days left until Spring holidays. Remember that daylight savings starts this weekend!  Time to start thinking about the countdown to Summer (and all the horrible paperwork that comes with the end of the year).

Until then!

Welcome back to another week in the life of being awesome!

This week (and next) I'm working in the city marking assessments and interviews for one of New Zealand's universities!  Seriously I could get used to having an office job.  Easy hours, I can pee any time I want, and when I get home that's it!  I did get this email from my kids today though...
You'd think I'd died or something!  I did email back and assure them I was alive and well.
Okay, so back to the Sunday Scoop with the Teaching Trio.  Head over there for this fun linky.

Quick recap of last week I achieved 3/6 things!  Yay, go me.  I voted, sent off my SLANT box, AND did all my reliever planning.  Well not all of it, but she didn't want me to, she wanted to plan herself (beginning teacher, wanted the experience. Who am I to stand in her way!!)

On to this week!

I have upgraded the C25K from "hope" to "have" in the anticipation that I will actually do something...

And now I'm off to bake a cake :)

About Storyline Online!

Here in New Zealand there are a lot of books that people recommend that I just can't get. Unfortunately they are just not available here!

Then someone told me about Storyline Online.  This website lets you listen to a range of popular picture books read amazingly by some really famous people!
My kids' favourite at the moment is "I need my Monster" read by Rita Moreno.  For some of the stories there are even teaching notes and follow up activities.

Check it out!

This term is just kicking my butt!! I can't keep up with anything.
I've had a pretty eventful weekend.

  • bought a new car (watch this space)
  • sent my sister back to America for one more year
  • had fun

And this is my last week with my kiddos before term 4 (I'm off for the last two weeks of term, will tell you about that later but basically, I'm away for two weeks, then there are two weeks holiday.  I'm not going to see my kids again until October!)

So in the meantime I thought I would link up with The Teaching Trio for a new linky that looks quite promising.  The Sunday Scoop.

Head over to their blog and link up/see the other entries.

Pretty sure it's quite self explanatory!  The last one though, it's election time here in New Zealand.  Because I don't live in my electorate, I will have to vote early.  I need to head to a polling booth some time this week and get that done!  It's a hard choice this year.  The party I normally vote for is proposing some not so good things for education - but have been really good at boosting and maintaining the economy.  On the other hand, the the other major party is proposing better things for education, but will work with another party if elected that has policies I am completely opposed to.  Hmmm it's going to be a tough decision!

I'm curled up on the couch fighting a horrible cough.  It's been a cold day, but spring is in the air! Oh boy it's exciting.
I'm heading over to Farley's blog now to link up with her Currently party!

Listening - Along with sipping back the cough medicine, and trying to get in some extra sleep to fight this cold off, I've been watching old episodes of Boy Meets World.  There's nothing like some good old fashioned 90's humour to make you feel better!

Loving - Well apart from the rain that's beating down today, we have had very warm spring like weather the last few days.  And now that it's officially September, we are in full on Spring mode!! Not long now before daylight savings and barbeques by the lake.

Thinking - I love challenges, and I am feeling up for a new one right about now.  Not sure what it will be just yet!  Any suggestions?

Wanting - I wish I could read into the future so I could know what was coming up.  It would make decision making a whole lot easier.  Hmmm or would it?

Needing - Do I really need to explain this one?

Three trips - These are all trips my mum has taken over the past few years.  NEVER did I ever think that her holidays would be ones I wanted to replicate, but these are just awesome!
1. She found this really cheap site to book a cruise for her and my dad when they went to the States to pick up my sister in June.  They raved about it!  Seriously, the company should offer her an affiliates commission
2. I'm a HUGE Anne of Green Gables fan.  My first son will be called Gilbert.
3. The Otago Rail Trail is a 3-7 ish day cycle track through the south island of New Zealand.  It's quite easy ish to cycle, and the south island has stunning scenery, especially in autumn.

Right, head over to her blog and link up! What are you waiting for?!
OOOO I almost forgot!!  The winner of my pin it to win it from the other day is Nicola Corbett.  Thanks for repinning.  Send me an email and I will flick you a copy of this (sorry for bad photo!)

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