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Welcome back to another week in the life of being awesome!

This week (and next) I'm working in the city marking assessments and interviews for one of New Zealand's universities!  Seriously I could get used to having an office job.  Easy hours, I can pee any time I want, and when I get home that's it!  I did get this email from my kids today though...
You'd think I'd died or something!  I did email back and assure them I was alive and well.
Okay, so back to the Sunday Scoop with the Teaching Trio.  Head over there for this fun linky.

Quick recap of last week I achieved 3/6 things!  Yay, go me.  I voted, sent off my SLANT box, AND did all my reliever planning.  Well not all of it, but she didn't want me to, she wanted to plan herself (beginning teacher, wanted the experience. Who am I to stand in her way!!)

On to this week!

I have upgraded the C25K from "hope" to "have" in the anticipation that I will actually do something...

And now I'm off to bake a cake :)

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  1. The ability to pee whenever you want?? Glorious!

    I absolutely LOVE my #SLANTbox! It was a perfect way to wrap up my Monday. :)


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