The Sunday Scoop

This term is just kicking my butt!! I can't keep up with anything.
I've had a pretty eventful weekend.

  • bought a new car (watch this space)
  • sent my sister back to America for one more year
  • had fun

And this is my last week with my kiddos before term 4 (I'm off for the last two weeks of term, will tell you about that later but basically, I'm away for two weeks, then there are two weeks holiday.  I'm not going to see my kids again until October!)

So in the meantime I thought I would link up with The Teaching Trio for a new linky that looks quite promising.  The Sunday Scoop.

Head over to their blog and link up/see the other entries.

Pretty sure it's quite self explanatory!  The last one though, it's election time here in New Zealand.  Because I don't live in my electorate, I will have to vote early.  I need to head to a polling booth some time this week and get that done!  It's a hard choice this year.  The party I normally vote for is proposing some not so good things for education - but have been really good at boosting and maintaining the economy.  On the other hand, the the other major party is proposing better things for education, but will work with another party if elected that has policies I am completely opposed to.  Hmmm it's going to be a tough decision!


  1. I love this Sunday Scoop link up! How clever! I love reading about your terms, holiday, and reliever-- it's English but seemingly another language!

    Please, there is NO rush on the SLANT box. The sweeter gift has been connecting with you and getting to know you!

  2. I LOVE that you are in New Zealand! It seems to be so beautiful there from the pictures I have seen. Thanks for linking up with us halfway across the world!

    Tech Crazy Teacher
    Teaching Trio

  3. We'll definitely be watching. That should be exciting for you. A new car, which can be a new lease on mobility and personalized travel. That should be quite a hoot to experience and see. Cool move on your part. Kudos!

    Rhonda Burgess @ Bob Dunn Hyundai


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