What I've been up to!

I'm sorry friends, I've been a bit MIA the last few weeks.  I thought I'd better just pop in with an update on what I've been up to!

Well, my kid have been having a grand old time without me for the past two weeks!  They headed into the city to Stardome to consolidate their "Space" learning.  I was quite disappointed to miss out on all that fun.

While they have been having fun there, I've been working with NMSSA marking student interview assessments to do with Social Studies and Reading.  While I can't really go into any detail about what we are doing (it's not released by the Ministry of Education yet) I can say it has been eye opening to hear some of the responses some kids have towards various aspects of participation within a community.

I'm excited to get back to my kids next term and really push those critical thinking skills that are so vital in our students.  One thing I'm keenly aware of now is the need to be able to link thinking about a concept (such as sustainability) to many contexts (such as fishing and forestry).

My principal shared her thinking about where she wants our kids thinking to be next term, and I'm so excited about the concept - Giving!  What a great concept to end the school year on, and how many awesome places could this take us!

For all my New Zealand friends, hold on! There are only two days left until Spring holidays. Remember that daylight savings starts this weekend!  Time to start thinking about the countdown to Summer (and all the horrible paperwork that comes with the end of the year).

Until then!

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