2+1 Cyber sale! My wishlist!!

Hey everyone!
I hope you've all had an awesome Thanksgiving weekend?!  I wish we had that here in New Zealand.

I spent the weekend with some old friends at a wedding in the town I went to university at.  It was so good to catch up with everyone!
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And now it's back to the working week! Well at least it will be in the morning.

I'm linking up today with Jivey!  Have you guys heard about the big sale yet?  CYBER MONDAY! It's totally a thing.  Head on over to TPT and grab a massive 28% bargain on some of the best teaching resources this side of the moon.  I'm going to share with you a few things.  Two things in my store that are wishlisted the most, and then one thing that is on my wishlist!

My most wishlisted item is also my best seller!  These Bloom's Taxonomy reading cards are AMAZING!! I use them with just about every reading lesson I take.  There are 60, yes SIXTY, cards at the different higher order thinking levels.  Each level is colour coded (or has a different monster if you need to print in black and white for ink conservation).
I love these cards because of the independence they promote in my classroom.

Don't just take my word for it though! Check out some of the feedback that has already been given on them!

You can pick these up for a bargain at less than $3 for the next couple days.

Strangely enough, my second most wishlisted item is brand new!! I posted this on instagram the other day, and people have added it to their wishlist like crazy!! It's a great STEM activity, and will have your kids working, and learning, in cooperative groups to "save the patient" while on a camping trip.
Check it out!

I love doing STEM style activities with my students.  ESPECIALLY at this time of the year. I'm planning on doing one a day for the rest of the year - we are that close to summer!
Inside you will find everything (except building materials) you need to complete this activity - Student brief/instructions, teacher instructions, planning and reflection sheets, and a rubric for afterwards!!  I've included several different ways this activity can be differentiated to allow students from grade 3 upwards to complete!  Here are some shots with my kids completing the challenge last week.


And some shots of the product.

And now something I'm super excited to get!  I didn't have anything on my wishlist until about 6 hours ago when Megan (from Teaching Super Power) posted up this Neon Brights design elements bundle.  Now I have something I can't wait to buy!!

Check it out!

Talk about super cute and awesome!

Right - Head back to Jivey's blog and add in some of those other awesome things to your wishlist!  I'm going to check out some other posts and see if there is anything I'm missing!

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