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Well let's try this again.  October came... And went... And I was in the bad bloggers club.  I still have 3 draft posts sitting there since July!  Some how I think they will still be there when I write my Currently December post!

It's "End of year" time here in New Zealand.  There are 6ish weeks left of school before Summer holidays start.  I'm just about finished all my testing (I would be done, except I found out this afternoon that our DP had ordered the wrong standardised reading test, and so we have to resit, remark, and reenter results) NOT a happy camper...
And then comes the end of year reports.  I will get to those soon! I have to...

But before that stuff comes I'm going to check in with y'all and share my "November Currently". Make sure you head on over to Farley's blog and see what everyone else is up to.

Right now I'm feverishly working away at a baby afghan that I'm trying to knit for one of my besties.  She is having her first baby in the new year, and I'm hosting (along with a couple other good friends) her baby shower in a couple weeks.  OH MY WORD is this pattern hard!  Seriously though, I'm turning into an old lady, right before my OWN eyes!!  Hunched back, sore fingers, wrinkles where I'm squinting... Oh boy!!

This is what it is supposed to look like

Crazy ridiculous pattern

And this is what I've got

I'm not quite sure why my holes are larger than the ones in the book, but hey it's looking good!!

There are two weeks before the baby shower (and two weeks before my reports are due too...) Some how I don't think I'm going to get it done.  Hey!  At least she doesn't need it until baby comes in January right!

Any fun things you've done at a baby shower?  Mumma to be isn't into too many "girly games", is a teacher, and is keeping baby's gender a surprise.  Any fun ideas let me know!  I've scoured pinterest, but there are always ideas floating out there too.

And in the meantime - have a great week! 


  1. Game Idea: Give everybody a clothespin. Anytime somebody says "baby", you can take their clothespin. Whoever has the most clothespins, wins a prize! :)


  2. *Ugh* I'm SOOO not talented when it comes to knitting or anything like that. As in...absolutely NO WAY I could do it! I'm amazed by people like you who can do such neat things! I LOVE the blanket!! I don't have any good game ideas...sorry. But I'm sure there will be plenty who respond with some! Keep up the good work! You're off to a great start! ;)

  3. I have exactly no talent in knitting, so I can't give you any advice, but good luck. :) I have always wanted to visit New Zealand, it's on my bucket list! What ages are the kids you teach? I teach fifth grade, and I wonder if it's the same age. My kids are 10 - 11 years old. I'm a new follower, I found you through Farley's link up.

    Caffeine and Lesson Plans

  4. We played the classic give everyone a piece of wool, string or anything like that and they have to cut their piece to the circumference of the belly, the closest to the actual circumference wins.
    Early Years with Sheri

  5. Your blanket looks great!! I do not have the patience for that! Have a great November.

    My Carolina Classroom

  6. You sound like a very dedicated friend. That blanket is beautiful! Have fun at the baby shower... and good luck getting your reports done beforehand! :)
    One Lucky Teacher


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