Make it real - And then they'll write!

How many of you struggle to get your kids to write?  I see hands going up all over the place!

I have focussed sooooo hard on writing with my kids this year.  Oh boy have we been writing!! Elaboration has been the major focus, and I'm seeing some awesome results (more about that in another post another time!)

But these are 10 year olds, writing isn't what they love doing!  At least not yet.

Enter something that sparks their enthusiasm, and gets them begging to write!  Computers.  My school is currently working in the dark ages.  My school laptop is running Windows vista.  Yup you heard right - VISTA!  So there are no updates, no protection, and worse still - no google chrome (Well there is Chrome on my computer, but not on any of the kids computers).

My kids know all about Chrome.  I have tried to introduce them to the wonderful world of google apps, drive, and just the general internet that doesn't work well on internet explorer of any generation.  They have seen me get all excited over the learning I want to share with them, only for the computers to crash, or the pages to not be supported by IE.  They have seen my frustration as I have to let all 29 of them onto my laptop one at a time to use the learning tool I had planned (and had tried out on the kids computers, but apparently my log in works differently to theirs.)

Then when flashed a message that they would no longer be supporting the use of IE whatever we are on, the kids got motivated to do something!  See sumdog is our all time favourite website.  They love that they can challenge each other no matter what their achievement levels are.
They asked me why we couldn't just download chrome.  "Well," I said, "it's not that simple! The principal has to sign off on it, and she doesn't know about your frustrations."
"Just let her use our computers and she will see it!" they cried.  (To which I giggled to myself.)
"She's far to busy for that, you will have to write to her and book an appointment to talk to her about it."
"Can we do that this afternoon?"
***By this point I was positively giddy with the thought of my kids ASKING to do some writing***
"I don't know, you'll have to do some research as to why Chrome is the way to go"
"Sweet deal, we can do that!"

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