Wanna be a guest blogger?

Well I'm opening this on up and out there!  I'd love to have people come and join me in this little adventure I call life... And by that, I'm really just meaning the blogging side.

I'd LOVE to get to know some more of y'all out there in blogger land!  And as such, I'd love to open up the awesome to some of you!  I'm hoping to open it up to everyone out there to post once a week (hopefully there are enough people who want to be involved!)

I'm looking at having this be on a Monday (so that's anytime between US Sunday and NZ Tuesday).
You can post about ANYTHING teachery.  A tip, a trick, something that you think we should all know about. You can share some freebies, or a related paid product (this is not a free endorsement opportunity, but if your product relates to what your post is about that is ok).

Fill in the google form below, and I will get back to you ASAP! I wonder who will be first?

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