This weekend...

Hey friends!

So I've decided two things.  1.  I don't post nearly often enough.  2. There are far too many "advertising" blog posts out there, and not enough sharing ideas, tricks, tips, and other useful and free things!

So I'm going to remedy both right now!

This past weekend I was so super blessed to have been invited to one of my sweet friend's weddings. We studied to be teachers together 10 years ago, and time has flown by!  I met up with two other friends from our class and we laughed the weekend away!

Here is a terrible photo of the four of us from 2010 (4 years after we graduated)

An even worse one from 2 years ago...

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And this was the three of us enjoying Jaclyn's wedding!! We decided that the present we gave her needed a giant bow on it.  When we couldn't find said bow, we settled for 144 little ones.  

Lots of laughter, great memories, a few medical conditions, and FAR too much sugar gave us a weekend to remember. 

What did your weekend look like?

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