WOW me Wednesday

Hey everyone! Have you heard of The Literacy Ladder?

Well it's this really awesome group of teachers spanning grades K-6 who talk about everything literacy!  I'm part of this brand new group of pretty cool teachers, and am super excited about it to be honest!

The coolest thing that is going on over at The Literacy Ladder is a brand new linky party called "WOW me Wednesday!"  The idea is that you link up and share something - ANYTHING - that you think is wow worthy.

So here are my WOW worthy moments.  They aren't really school related, seeing as I'm on summer break at the moment! 

1.  My brother got engaged!! (Finally!!)

This is how he told us - Snapchat for the win!

He's definitely picked a winner!
2. Summer has been awesome so far.  I've spent most days at the river swimming, and playing in the water with my pup.

She forgets she knows how to swim every single year!

She's a good dog!
3. I got a hair cut!  Gosh that was long over due.  #nolongerablonde!

4.  And finally for this week, I have a freebie for you!  It's a bit early, but a Valentines themed place value game.  I'll write a post about how to play properly later this week.  For now, grab it, and enjoy it with your kids!  There's a winter themed version you can grab HERE.

Otherwise grab the Valentines themed game below!  If you like it, make sure to leave some feedback!

Make sure you link up, and check out what everyone else has been up to this week!

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