Wow Me Wednesday

Hey everyone!

So I've been a bad blogger - Sorry! I've been enjoying the last little bit of my summer before having to head back to school for the new year.  Here in New Zealand we only get 6 weeks for summer - but really, that's enough! I just wish I lived closer to my parents so I could go swimming after school!!

I'm in full swing getting everything ready for the new year.  I've decided that my class theme this year is going to be "Yellow/Blue bricks".

Check out what I have so far!

I am IN LOVE with the Scrappy kids clip art!!!  And the back grounds from Ashley Hughes are totally my go to right now!!

You know you've had a good summer when you can't remember what you should write on all the labels for the class!! haha.  I managed to give each kid in my new class their own scrappy kid avatar.  My aim is to get them to use this whenever they post something somewhere so that we have a visual reminder of who did it.  Totally fun!

In other, not related to school, news - I have so enjoyed my cuddle time with my best friend's new baby Theo.  He is such an adorable little kid!  Two weeks old yesterday, and I'm already having withdrawls from not being able to cuddle him everyday!

Head on over to The Literacy Ladder and link up with something that YOU think is WOW worthy.  In the meantime - tell me some of the things I should have as labels in my new class.  I've forgotten!!

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