Well February is kicking my butt!!

Hey everyone!  I'm here, on the 6th (well it is in New Zealand at least anyway), and I haven't blogged in AGES!!

I want to give you a classroom tour - But I haven't taken photos yet.  I will do that this coming week!  School started for the year on the 3rd of February here in New Zealand, and today (the 6th) is Waitangi Day, the day we celebrate the start of New Zealand as we know it!  On the 6th February 1840 the Treaty of Waitangi was signed, bringing the Maori people, and the British people together (NOT without conflict over the past 175 years though!).

Anyway, I digress.  I'm linking up today with TWO wonderful linky parties.  First up is my February currently!  I thought after 6 days I might as well not bother, but I felt like that would lead to a slippery slide down to not blogging for an entire month!

So without further ado - here is my currently for February!

Listening - I'm SOOOO behind with Parenthood it's almost embarrassing!  Like Nora has just been born behind! But hey that's ok, it just means that I get to carry on watching it well past it's finish date!

Loving - Oh my gosh they are cute!  I have only ever taught the upper grades, through middle school, but I've made the move down to year 3/4 (grades 2/3) and boy is it a change!  Gone are the days where I could set up independent work for the kids to do, and it would last for as long as I needed it to.  Gone are the days where I could say something sarcastic and they it would go over their heads rather than them taking it literally.  Gone are those days.  Now I have tiny hands that hold mine when I'm walking.  I have an autistic (well that's what they are telling me, I think he has fetal alcohol) child who is so cuddly and loves sitting really close to me when I read stories to the class.
I have students bringing me gifts - on my first day one child gave me a beautifully decorated and wrapped zipper.  I think it had fallen off her bag - it was precious!  Then they brought in a baby bird that they found in the playground - not so precious...  And then yesterday I found a giant cucumber on my desk from a kid who had picked it from their garden!  Wow awesome.

Thinking - Argh, I'm like this every year!  I haven't done any planning for a few months over summer, and now I've forgotten how to do it!  I'm sure it will come back to me soon.  Right now I've got writers block.

Wanting - I have a million and one emails to respond to, and write along with the planning from above.  I am just so super grateful that this is a long weekend!

Needing - just motivation for everything...

Pageant title - this was a hard one!  We don't do pageants in New Zealand.  In fact we kind of laugh at the people who do.  That's not why I chose this title though!  I have a reputation of laughing at anything.  If you're a comedian and you weren't sure if something was funny or not - best not to ask me because I'll laugh anyway!

That's my currently for today!  Check out what everyone else had to say over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade with Farley!

And now I'm also going to head on back to The Third Wheel and link up with Mrs D. for her new years resolution report card for February.
The Third Wheel
1. Technically I have saved some... But not as much as my budget told me I should!

2.  I have only just started, so I'm giving myself a middle of the range grade.

3. This is a hard one!  I have read, and LOVED, the whole30 book "It starts with food" and I'm totally keen to do a whole 30.  I'm yet to make it through a whole day, but it will happen.

4. This is an easy one! But if I don't pick it up from where I am now to next month, I think I'll mark my self down!

Until tomorrow, when I have a super exciting post planned!!!!!


  1. I found you through the Currently linky, but it was really interesting reading your other one as I've not come across that linky before. What a good idea to make monthly resolutions!

    Butterflying Through Teaching

  2. I loved reading your post. Being here in Wisconsin...it is so very different up north. I love the monthly resolutions linky...I tried to figure out what I would grade myself based on your ideas...hmmm....may have to resolve to slow down a bit to save, get healthy, and blog...a busy month doesn't help. We are in the middle of winter and the kiddos are getting sick of the cold...so please send sunshine our way...

    Renee at The Science School Yard

  3. You have a nice blog. I loved reading your posts. You have good ideas! I like the idea of the resolutions report card. I will check out that linky next. I am so happy for you that you are loving your new class. I love the little ones. I taught 5th and 3rd for 8 years, now that I'm in kinder, I know it is my passion. Kinder makes me sparkle every morning.

  4. I have been wanting to binge watch Parenthood, because I've heard it is pretty good.

    Found your blog through Currently! Would love for you to head over and check out my blog…
    If You Give a Teacher a Treat

  5. Sorry it took me so long to catch up with you after the February currently! (I'm the post in front of you...LOL!) I too am struggling with that whole balance/time thing! I think that must be a "thing" for us blogger/TpTers...perhaps we like to do too many things with too few hours in the day. I LOVE your report card...is that something you do for yourself or another linky? I want to start doing it too! Here's a link to my post on how I'm planning my 2015 year...http://insidebellsbrain.blogspot.com/2015/01/2015-roles-goals.html. Would love for you to check it out!

  6. Oops...I missed the part about the details of the report card linky! Too excited to comment! :)


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