Hey friends!  So the last 3 weeks I've started writing a 5 for Friday post and something has happened and I haven't posted it!  Today, I'm not leaving this spot until I'm done with this post!

My class is all about the frogs at the moment.  We spend our days writing about frogs, watching our class frogs, using the frogs to write maths problems, and some of the kids have become expert fly catchers - keeping our little pets fed!

Here we are at fitness pretending to be frogs!

We did this really cool frog lifecycle lantern activity from Robin Sellers 
The kids LOVED using their life cycle knowledge to create these lanterns.

Our writing this week has been ALL about frogs.  Oh my word my kiddos know lots!  
The butchers paper in the background was our prewriting/brainstorm.  They have some really awesome knowledge about frogs!  The frog craftivity is from Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.  We modified it slightly from the original directions.

This is some of the writing from one of my 3rd graders.  I'm so proud of her!

And now for something NOT frog related - I've got a winner from my March Madness blogger match up giveaway.  Kentucky is still going strong!  We're through to the Elite 8 and so I might have to have yet another giveaway to celebrate!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So congratulations!  I'll be emailing you soon and will get your prize to you!

Go and link up at Doodle Bugs Teaching to share your 5 moments from the week.

I completely missed it!  I was looking at the bracket online thinking that it was in American time and that Kentucky would play on the 22nd there, and it turns out that Google had kindly converted the times for me and the 22nd was actually MY date!

So good news!  Kentucky is through to the sweet 16!  They made it all the way through with my cheers. Hmmm I think I'd better pick up the pace if I expect them to make it through to the end.

So because they made it through, and because I love you all so much, I'm going to have a flash freebie over on my instagram page.  Make sure you follow me there (@learningtobeawesome) because once announced it will only stay live for an hour!  I will announce it at about 8:30am NZ time on the 23rd of March (that is 3:30pm New York time on the 22nd).

To my worthy opponents The Learning Chambers (cheering on Hampton), and Confessions of a Teaching Junkie (cheering on Cincinatti) - You were wonderful!  Sorry you didn't make it further!

Kentucky's next opponent is yet to be determined at this point.  I'll be back with more information when it comes!  Until then - Remember to enter my giveaway for my two Bloom's Taxonomy reading response cards!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Hey everyone!  Wow look at me go, two posts in one month - I'm on a roll in March!


So has your Bloglovin feed started blowing up with this SUPER awesome blogger match up yet?  Big thanks to Ashlyn over at The Creative Classroom for setting up this blogger competition.  

So the way this works, (and keep reading because you can win stuff!!) is that we have each been assigned a team to cheer on through this competition.  My sister is an OregonSU Beaver, so I don't feel too bad cheering on a different school since OSU didn't make it.  Although I am glad I didn't get the Ducks - I'm not sure I could've shared that one with my family and gotten away with it!
Oh right, so we are all cheering on a team and if our team wins then we get a TPT product from our competitor!  The top four team/blogger match ups win some pretty sweet gift card prizes.

So how do you win?  Well ALL of us will be giving away the same product to y'all through a giveaway on our blogs!  Check later in this post to see the rafflecopter.

I have been SUPER lucky to have been placed with Kentucky.  This New Zealand girl doesn't know her basketball teams from her football teams, so I've done a little bit of research and all I can say is I'm happy with my randomly drawn pick!  Thank you Ashlyn!  Haha - even the President is picking Kentucky for the win.

I've done my research and I think I found Kentucky?
So follow along and check out each of the blogs below to snatch up some great prizes!  I'm was going to just give away my best selling Bloom's Taxonomy Reading Response cards, but I've decided to throw in the second version which is for younger readers too!  That's a MASSIVE $10s worth of prizes that you could win just from me!  Imagine how much it could be from 64 of us!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Ok, so seriously - who took February away from me!  I can't believe it's March already.  That is SO not fair.

Right, that's enough of the complaining!  I'm going to get straight on in to my Currently post now and then it's home time.  I've been procrastinating at school FAAAAAR too long.

Listening - It's 5pm yo, I'm trying really hard to write this post before I head home because I know there is NOOOO way I'm going to do anything once I get there.  Haha.  

Loving - My new school.  It's the complete opposite of my last school.  So positive, and kids centred.  I love it.

Thinking - but the kids!  Oh my gosh they are hard work.  Seriously I need some help with the talking.  They just don't stop!  And they ask for things at the VERY worst time possible.  Like today, we had a reading test.  Half way through me reading them the instructions one of them put their hand up and said "I went on the slip and slide yesterday."  Um seriously kid?  Are you KIDDING me?  But then on the other hand, they are so cute! haha.  If you have any class management tips for controlling the talking so that I don't start yelling at them I'm all ears!

Wanting - I'm living in a hostel type situation right now.  Not terrible, but not ideal.  I would love to get a house somewhere.  Hopefully!

Needing - I think part of my kids problem is that the routines are so disjointed at the moment.  So. Many. Interruptions.  Please just give me a day with nothing in it.

Spring Break Plans - I wish.  Easter is our next break, but by then it will be very much Autumn (Which officially started this week!).  I'm looking forward to this weekend though - my baby sister is competing in her very first Ironman!  WOW so incredibly proud.

Right, it's now 5:15 and I'm about to be shooed out by the cleaners (Who are so much better at this school too!  Another blessing).

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