March madness continues!

I completely missed it!  I was looking at the bracket online thinking that it was in American time and that Kentucky would play on the 22nd there, and it turns out that Google had kindly converted the times for me and the 22nd was actually MY date!

So good news!  Kentucky is through to the sweet 16!  They made it all the way through with my cheers. Hmmm I think I'd better pick up the pace if I expect them to make it through to the end.

So because they made it through, and because I love you all so much, I'm going to have a flash freebie over on my instagram page.  Make sure you follow me there (@learningtobeawesome) because once announced it will only stay live for an hour!  I will announce it at about 8:30am NZ time on the 23rd of March (that is 3:30pm New York time on the 22nd).

To my worthy opponents The Learning Chambers (cheering on Hampton), and Confessions of a Teaching Junkie (cheering on Cincinatti) - You were wonderful!  Sorry you didn't make it further!

Kentucky's next opponent is yet to be determined at this point.  I'll be back with more information when it comes!  Until then - Remember to enter my giveaway for my two Bloom's Taxonomy reading response cards!

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