March - What's up yo?!

Ok, so seriously - who took February away from me!  I can't believe it's March already.  That is SO not fair.

Right, that's enough of the complaining!  I'm going to get straight on in to my Currently post now and then it's home time.  I've been procrastinating at school FAAAAAR too long.

Listening - It's 5pm yo, I'm trying really hard to write this post before I head home because I know there is NOOOO way I'm going to do anything once I get there.  Haha.  

Loving - My new school.  It's the complete opposite of my last school.  So positive, and kids centred.  I love it.

Thinking - but the kids!  Oh my gosh they are hard work.  Seriously I need some help with the talking.  They just don't stop!  And they ask for things at the VERY worst time possible.  Like today, we had a reading test.  Half way through me reading them the instructions one of them put their hand up and said "I went on the slip and slide yesterday."  Um seriously kid?  Are you KIDDING me?  But then on the other hand, they are so cute! haha.  If you have any class management tips for controlling the talking so that I don't start yelling at them I'm all ears!

Wanting - I'm living in a hostel type situation right now.  Not terrible, but not ideal.  I would love to get a house somewhere.  Hopefully!

Needing - I think part of my kids problem is that the routines are so disjointed at the moment.  So. Many. Interruptions.  Please just give me a day with nothing in it.

Spring Break Plans - I wish.  Easter is our next break, but by then it will be very much Autumn (Which officially started this week!).  I'm looking forward to this weekend though - my baby sister is competing in her very first Ironman!  WOW so incredibly proud.

Right, it's now 5:15 and I'm about to be shooed out by the cleaners (Who are so much better at this school too!  Another blessing).

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  1. New Zealand! WOW Neat blog :) I teach fourth grade, 10 year olds, and the saying things at the wrong time doesn't go away! I get questions and comments like that all the the time. The worst is when they think they can sharpen their pencils right in the middle of you talking! Good luck to your sister!


  2. Hooray for working in a wonderful school! It makes all the difference doesn't it?

  3. Bummer for no spring break! Hope you have a great Easter break!
    I love this blog!
    The Education Kingdom


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