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Slow down world!  I know everyone says it, and even more so as you get older, but seriously this year is going by WAAAAAAY too quickly.

I'm here linking up again to Farley's currently post.  That girl has some seriously funny bones yo!

Listening - I don't care that I'm nearly 30, I will always call my parents Mama and Daddy (or Daddio when I want something hehe).  They are such inspirations.  So wise, incredibly selfless.  I love them.

Loving - It's not Spring here in New Zealand, it's the middle of Autumn and while the weather is starting to get cooler, it is still warm enough for shorts and t-shirts.  I have two glorious weeks of break ahead of me.  I'm loving it!

Thinking - My parents were so generous when they paid for my car in August last year.  I've just finished paying it off and so I'm shouting them lunch today.  Most places are closed due to Good Friday, but there will be a cafe open somewhere I can take them!

Wanting - I am going to head down the country and visit a few friends this break.  Not sure when, not sure how, but I will make it happen.

Needing - This is the best I've ever felt at the end of a term.   I'm feeling reasonably healthy, I think I've lost some weight (I'm not currently in the right frame of mind to be checking on it, so don't know for sure) and I'm not sick - always a bonus after a term with kids!!  I do need to get better at going to sleep at an appropriate hour and getting up with a spring in my step having actually slept! That is the plan for this break.

Eggs-Plain! - Welllll. I did say I have lots of names.

Blog/store/Learning to be awesome - The inspiration came from Kid President's pep talk for teachers and students.  Love that guy!  He's awesome.

Erin (my name) - I was born 3 weeks early.  The morning I was born they were listening to a song that has the words
"Peace is when the wind stops blowing
peace is when the sun is showing
knowing that my daddy's home
God gives me peace"

The week before I was born the weather was TERRIBLE!! Think horrible winter storms (but no snow).  That day was the first dry calm day in a long time.  They knew then that I would be born that day, I would be a girl, and that they would call me Erin (which means Peace).

Fish (Nickname) - I have a terrible memory.  'nuff said.

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  1. I love the name stories. I love Kid President. Enjoy your break.

  2. It must feel so good to have your car paid off! I still have YEARS to go! and I'm jealous of your two week break! I hope you have a great break!

    A Pinch of Kinder

  3. That's a great story about how you got your name! Hope you enjoy your break and your trip.
    First Grade Found Me


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