Why hello there friends! I'm staring at the back end of a Monday and I finally have internet!!! I moved into my new place a week ago and couldn't get the TV OR internet working.  The TV is still down, but I now have internet!!!  YAY

I'm linking up today with The Teaching Trio for this week's Sunday Scoop.  Head over there to find out what everyone else is up to!

Yup, we're about 1/3 of the way through the year, and my student teacher is in full swing. She's doing great which makes it so much easier to step back and let her go for it!

How's your week looking?

Hey friends!
Soooo sorry for the absence.  I've just moved house! So exciting!  I'll show you some photos after I'm all unpacked.  That might take a few days...  haha

I'm linking up with the girls over at the Teaching Trio for the first time in aaaaaages!!  Here's my Sunday Scoop for this week.

Can't wait to have this house all sorted out!  It's gonna be great!  I finally have a kitchen, so real food, good food, healthy food!

I bought a new tv today.  Got it home, and can't get it to work.  No signal, no matter how many things I fiddle with.  So I decided to just watch a dvd instead and get the tv man to come and look at it.  Tried that - no sound and the picture was terrible!  Argh.  Most annoying part is I live in the country - so it's a half hour drive to the shops.

I have a student teacher this term.  She's so keen!  Check out this movie she made with the kids last week for our shared book.

Aren't they cute!

Have an awesome week!

Wow! Seriously, how is it that this year is flying by so quickly!!!

I'm linking up with the wonderful Farley, over at Oh boy 4th Grade.  I'm up waaaay past my bed time and I just want to get this post written so I can go to sleep!

Listening - My sister just moved out of home and was kidding our cousin that she got kicked out by our dad. She's hilarious - and my cousin is the epitome of gullible!

This was us being dorks one day (several years ago!)

Loving - nuff said! It's a great place to be :)  I am in a netball team with four of the people I work with.  We had our first game this morning.  Was sooo much fun!  Even if the uniform is UUUUUUgly.

Thinking - I have a student teacher starting tomorrow.  She seems really cool!  I can't wait to see her grow in her teaching.  Any advice for me in my new mentoring role?

Wanting - I'm currently living in a hostel type situation.  I have no kitchen, lounge, or anything that could be called a comfortable way of living.  I'm moving in two weeks to a school house - a house owned by the school, cheap rent, right next door.  Two more weeks... I can hold out that long!

Needing - The internet here is ridiculous.  It keeps cutting out, and wont work on my phone.  Not sure why, and it's driving me nuts.

Summer - ??? Well it's not summer here in New Zealand, it's nearly winter.  So I'm going to do a MAY yes, hope, dream.
YES - Judging Piano competitions!!
Hope - lose 5 kgs
Dream - find my dream man... I'm getting old y'all!!

Go link up, read what others have to say, and have an awesome MAY!!!

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