TPT seller challenge Week 2 - DARE TO DREAM

Hey friends!

Well last week was fun and we updated a product.  Then this week we're sharing our dreams.

Here are mine!

I want to travel all across America, and there are some parts of Europe I'd love to see as well.  I would love to work overseas for a while too, but I'll settle for just travelling :p

I'll start the travel with the 2016 TPT conference.  Who wants to room with me?!

Well I'll never work part time and not do something in the rest of the day, but I'd love to teach part time and maybe teach piano part time too.  As well as TPT!!

Well the first TPT milestone is still ages off, but I'm going to work my little tooshie off to get there!!

Keep your eye out for other people's dreams!!

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  1. Hello!! I was finally able to go part time, but I seem to work more than ever! It is nice to sleep in or stay up late, and I get to decide what I want to work on. We have very few "steak" days, but I love bologna! Good luck and enjoy your summer!


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