Get 'em thinking from day one!


So one of my favourite parts of teaching is developing critical and creative thinking in my students.  My all time favourite way to do that is by using thinker's keys.
They are such an easy way to really delve into thinking processes, and see what kids are thinking about!

One of my favourite products in my TPT store is my Back to School themed thinker's keys.

There are twenty different thinking tasks with varying degrees of difficulty.  Half of the cards deal with thinking creatively, and the other half are critical thinking tasks.

If you have upper grade students you could use these as journal writing prompts, using one a day over a few weeks.

If you have lower grade kiddos then these prompts would make excellent oral language prompts.  The beauty of these cards is that while they are back to school themed, they are actually generic enough to use all year round!

Grab a bargain and get those brains working from the first day!


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