50 AWESOME Classroom Management Ideas!

Classroom management was something that did NOT come easy to me.  I had to work really hard to build up my skills, and every day since I still have to work at it.  My dear friends over at our blab group talked about classroom management the other day!  I was supposed to have this post all ready to go, but ended up running out of time. Check it out, share it round, and add your comments to tell me what else you think I've missed!!

  1. Learn their names.  QUICKLY!
  2. Use a soft voice
  3. Lower your voice when correcting student behaviour.  They will respond better to it.
  4. Use non verbal cues to gain attention
  5. Only speak when students are all quiet
  6. Assume the best of your students
  7. Set high expectations
  8. Praise your students 
  9. Don't settle for "good enough".  If you expect your students to be silent, don't continue until they are
  10. Create a team environment in your class
  11. Keep your students with you when they mis behave.  You are the one with the relationship with them, not the principal
  12. Have them walk with you as a consequence at break time
  13. Use class dojo!  
  14. Talk to your kids parents about positive things as well as the negative issues you have
  15. Write N-O-I-S-E on the board.  Rub out a letter each time the class gets too noisy.  When the word is gone, kids must be silent
  16. Clip charts (You should know that I'm NOT a fan!!) but there are people that swear by them.  Class dojo is better
  17. Teach respect 
  18. Expect respect
  19. Model respect
  20. Have a buddy class that you read with.  You can then use this relationship you've built up as a safe place to send students who need a time out
  21. Be consistent
  22. Be firm - but fair
  23. Establish rules together.  That way you will have student buy in
  24. Be positive in your conversations with students and teachers
  25. Don't look at your students records until after a month at school. Allow yourself time to get to know the students you have BEFORE you find out what their previous teacher thought
  26. NEVER say "oh they are from ... family", or compare them to siblings you may have taught before
  27. Develop leadership qualities in your students regardless of their age/grade level
  28. Be aware of different learning styles
  29. Avoid confrontations in front of your students
  30. Greet your students each and every morning by name
  31. Use proximity to your advantage.  Wander through your students as they are working to keep an eye on things
  32. As the teacher - you be the one that writes the date on your students work.  Set your students off on their task, and then wander around and write the date in the margin of their work.  This is a great way to check that everyone is working on the correct page or that they understand what they are doing!
  33. Be organised
  34. Dress nicely
  35. Brush your hair
  36. Wear nice clothes
  37. (Ok so all the above might seem obvious!! but the more care you take with your appearance, the more the kids you have will know that you want to be there, and the more they will want to be there too!!)
  38. Be organised
  39. Be flexible
  40. Have fun!
  41. Have clear routines
  42. Spend more time observing what is happening in your room, rather than reacting to the kids
  43. Take responsibility for your students, both academically and behaviourally
  44. Respond to disruption with as little further interruption as possible
  45. Start fresh every day!
  46. Make the rules you have simple
  47. Check out Whole Brain Teaching rules
  48. Keep your learning environment clean and tidy
  49. Don't over stimulate your students
  50. Use Brag Tags 
An a bonus tip - add in a little bit of LOVE! 

What other classroom management ideas do you have?


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