Booo! Hey October!!

Hey wonderful people!  How has October found you?  It's found me a week out of schedule and not sure what way is up!

Quick check in - It's Spring break, so I'm nice and relaxed, but I didn't realise the date!  I'm so confuddled, but it's totally ok!

I'm here linking up with my favourite linky of all time - Currently!

Listening - normally she gets me in such a great mood!  Today Pandora is being a bit annoying though...

Loving - The weather is warming up!  Summer is on the way.

Thinking - I just had an appointment at the bank.  Things are good!  I might be able to get a loan.  Unfortunately the area I live in is very quickly being priced out of my reach...

Wanting/Needing - I want it... But I don't need it.  AND I need it, but I don't want it... sort yourself out girl!

Boo-tiful - I LOVE the colours and sights of Spring.  The blossoms are in full force at my parents place.  It's stunning!!

I just wanted to leave y'all with a freebie!  What's October without a little treat right!


  1. I'm a Pandora addict, too. I have a couple of playlists that I put on at various times during the school day for my little learners. It's such a sad moment when you feel abandoned by it though!

  2. I love the sights and sounds of spring, too, but...I can't help but really enjoy the beginning of fall in Colorado! I could not even imagine buying a house. I moved into my husband's house when we got married because I couldn't handle the thought of looking for another house and everything it would involve. I hope you have good luck with it!

    Live, Laugh, Love Second

  3. I love Pandora, too! I use it all the time in my classroom, but then somehow forget all about it at home. I love that it's spring where you are! It's raining cats and dogs here, kind of spring-like...

  4. Hear you on the grocery store had peanut butter chocolate fudge in the bakery when I stopped by and I couldn't resist! A treat now and then never hurts, I guess!

  5. I love your little cartoon version of you on the right- where to did you get her if you don't mind me asking? I've been after one for so long but everyone on TpT seems to have stopped doing them for now - boohoo :(

    When I first read pandora I genuinely thought you meant the jewellery store, I couldn't work out how you were watching it LOL! Must be an American thing! Fingers crossed your able to get the loan you want for the house you want! :)

    Teaching Autism


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